Enjoy the NFL offseason with different online betting

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Many football fans across the US find the end of February with a gaping hole in their schedule. It’s not just the game that is missing, but also the fun that goes with the game. Those who are active with online betting, also find it difficult to substitute their routine with different activities.

Some are satisfied to fill their time with college ball, or simply rest before July. But others might find it better to enjoy other types of online betting. Websites like AllstarGambling offer a wide range of sports, games, and competitions where you can win a bit of money by making clever bets.

Regardless of your preference, you will be able to find good signing bonuses and ample assistance to hit the ground running. And you can even gamble in BitCoin if you want to!

You Don’t Need to Change Your Routine

For many, taking a night to bet on the NFL, put your feet up and watch the game is as much a ritual as tradition. It is something most of us use to unwind and relax a bit, cutting the workweek in half.

With online betting, you don’t need to change your ritual, just what is displayed on the screen. It might be another sport, maybe racing, or maybe a completely different type of game.

It is a misconception that online casino games are only for a single person behind the screen. The game actually becomes even more fun if there are a couple of friends, all playing from a single hand.

Try Out a Different Sport

Inside the US, as well as abroad, there are plenty of different games that can interest you as much as the NFL. There are few activities on this Earth that betting companies will not take your wager on and even fewer sports.

From football’s European cousin soccer to the NHL, NBA, and even fighting can be wagered on. And when it is the election year you know that even politics tend to seep into the betting lists.

Any of these options can be used to spice up your viewing pleasure.


When it comes to soccer this time of year there is nothing hotter than the Champions League. Top European clubs will be fighting for the title of the best team on the continent.

Thirty-two teams who have qualified will fight to dethrone Liverpool FC and bring the Club’s Cup to their hometown. As all teams are the best of the best when it comes to this game, it is always an open question who will win.

If you have a hunch, or just want to make the games a bit more interesting, there are multiple ways that you can bet on the game, or even on the competition as a whole.


The UFC has exploded in popularity in the last few years, and for a good reason. The introduction of new techniques and popularization of recreational fighting across the US brought more fighters into the ring, making the whole competition more interesting.

There is rarely a weekend when there isn’t a fight, and it is always a good one. Representatives coming from different backgrounds as either grapplers or hitters will compete to see who is the strongest.

And if you start watching the UFC women’s matches you will quickly realize why ‘’hitting like a girl’’ has no meaning in today’s world.


Even though the NFL season has ended, the NBA is still going strong, with the playoffs starting mid-April. Many affiliates of AllStarGambling offer bets on all NBA games and even let you predict the final winner.

The LA Lakers and the Milwaukee Bucks are seen as the favorites this season, but it is really anyone’s game. While the Denver Nuggets lost to both of the large teams from Los Angeles, they are still having an amazing season and with the odds being skewed that much against them they can be a good team to cheer on to the finals.

Try Online Games

Sports are not the only thing you can wager your money on. Online gaming offers actual casino-type games that you can play on your computer, smartphone, tablet, and even on some smart TVs.

Regardless if you are in it for the thrill or simply to have some fun, there is a game for everyone. Games like poker depend on skill and can win you quite a bit of money, provided that the cards are in your favor.

Other games like slots and spinners can bring you a lot of money, but can also be played on bets as small as a dime. Adding the sign-up bonus to your money, you can play for hours and will on average return more than 90% of the money you spent.

The odds mean that you just need to be a bit luckier than the average to leave the game with more money than you have started with.


While blackjack is more skill-based than luck alone, there is some math to be involved in your chances. The Return-to-Player, or RTP, may be around 96%, but you will need to play more than twelve thousand hands to come to that math.

But, as the cards for all players are pre-determined before the game starts and set on random, anything can happen. Blackjack is a casino game, so you may win big, but you can also incur heavier losses.

Online Poker

Unlike most games, online poker is played against other players. The double-edged sword here is that you can’t see the hands of other players to determine their bluff, nor can they yours.

If you play slow and know how to ease in your hand, you may be up for a sizable win. But, poker is not for new players, so don’t trust your beginner’s luck with more money than you are willing to spend.

Slots and Spinners

Slots are probably the most fun you can have online. They have a relatively low betting start and are usually very exciting with all the prizes you can win. The RTP here is based on only 1000 games, and with bets starting with only a dime, you are sure to have a lot of time.

And, if you are lucky, you can even leave with more money than you started.

Generally, slots are the best option for someone just starting with online betting and gambling.

Take up That Signing Bonus

Online gambling has become quite a large business and companies are fighting to bring customers in. Thousands are having fun with slots and casino games every day, pushing some online casinos to give signing bonuses. These will double the money you bring, or even quadruple it.

With platforms like AllStarGambling, you can see all of the offers from different online casinos and always take that signing bonus that they offer.

The only thing better than winning is winning with the house’s money.

Play Safe, Have Fun

The thrill of gambling is why we play the game. It is very fun and keeps the heart rate up, pumping more adrenaline every time. But, this thrill can be addictive and some people take it too seriously. Don’t be one of them.

Games are meant to be fun. Win or lose, the time you spent playing should be worth it. Never lose that from your sight and don’t look at gambling as a way to make money, but to have fun.

If you win, once you are satisfied, bank your winnings and see that money as a gift. Only if you never need a win you will be a winner every time.

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