English Premier League: Leicester vs Manchester City

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Leicester City and Manchester City will face off on the play-field during Round 4 of the English Premier League. The match will take place on September 11 at Leicester’s home stadium, King Powers.

Both teams scored the same number of points for the previous three rounds. Despite the fact that Manchester City is a nominal favorite of the national championship, Leicester also claims first place in the standings. The team that wins this match will be able to become the leader of the tournament, so both clubs expect to earn three points. No compromise.

Nevertheless, Liontips experts advised not to rush to bet all your money on the “citizens”. A month ago, Manchester City lost to Leicester players in the FA Community Shield. And the start of the championship for the present champion is ambiguous. Nevertheless, the bookmakers consider the “citizens” to be the favorite of the upcoming meeting.

Manchester City

The upcoming match with Leicester is crucial for football players from Manchester. The favorites of the championship not only want to earn extra points to take the lead, but also take revenge after losing the recent final match.

“Citizens” played the first three matches in the Premier League with a contradictory result. They won the last two matches with a score of 5:0. But the team lost the first match in the tournament, losing to Tottenham, a team with so-called medium potential.

Manchester City’s team is very strong and there are no injured players. The team became the champion in the previous two seasons. That is an excellent result. This season City plans to go over one more time, and it needs to beat Leicester first.


Leicester became a sensation in the Premier League in 2016, taking first place in the standings and becoming the champion. He managed to score more points than leaders such as Chelsea, Manchester United and Manchester City, Liverpool and Arsenal.

However, the players from Leicester failed to repeat their triumphant experience since 2016 once again. Nevertheless, the team confidently occupies the middle position in the score table. In addition, nowadays Leicester has decided again to claim the championship apparently.

Their motivation was proved by two victories over such titled teams as Chelsea and Manchester City several months ago. Leicester beat one team when it won the FA Cup, and the other when it won the FA Community Shield.

It is worth noting that Leicester’s coach Brendan Rogers now has a very good team of experienced players. The main squad is played by footballers who are always invited to the strongest European teams. Like the national teams of World Champions France or England and Denmark.

On the other hand, the team did not play very confidently in the first three matches of the 2021-2022 Premier League. It managed to earn six points by beating Wolverhampton and Norwich. However, the team lost in the match with West Ham, with a score of 1: 4.

Match statistics

The teams first met on the football field in 1895. Since then they have played nearly 125 matches. Half of the matches were won by the “citizens”, a little more than 30 matches ended with the victory of the players from Leicester. 30 meetings ended in a draw.

Story by Alex Kotov

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