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Email marketing tips to grow any business

With the drastic advancements in marketing strategies, many business owners have been utilizing several modern means to reach out to their target audience. Amongst the many strategies adopted is email marketing, which is a systemic method that is capable of delivering an outstanding result. If you are a business person, one of the many worries you will have is how to constantly reach a significant number of audience. You will wonder which strategy is perfect for you, after all, there is the social media method, blogging, video marketing media, and even press releases. However, recent and ongoing research continues to prove that customers usually prefer to receive marketing information through emails. In lieu of this, email marketing is one of the most crucial marketing strategies for any business person to focus on. But, how exactly will email marketing help you grow your business and make more revenue? Find that out in the tips below.


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Nobody likes to go through the stress of searching for something that belongs to them, let alone what doesn’t. If you want to grow your business via email marketing, then, you’ve got to grow customers’ subscriptions to your email list, however, nobody would sign up to your list if they cannot find it. Therefore, a good tip to note while using email marketing is to make signing up very easy. Add your subscribe forms within your website, customize some catchy landing pages in your blogs, include them in your homepage, and you can even fit them near your site’s navigation menu. This will no doubt help you convert more customers that would otherwise have been considered lost customers.


Giving people the easy opportunity to subscribe to your email list is only the beginning; you’ve got to make them see reasons why they have to do so – and incentives are the answers. The most appealing way to encourage customers to sign up to your email list, so that you can later dish out amazing campaigns that will help drive visitors back to your site or store and down the sales funnel, is to offer some contents upgrade. In other words, offer something in return! You can give something valuable and fascinating such as discounts, coupons, a checklist, or an e-book to anyone willing to subscribe. This tip will surely aid your marketing strategy because people will be more willing to exchange their email addresses if they are getting something in return.


A business will only grow if it is protected from redundancy, external intrusion and system hack. In the world of email marketing, it is very possible to receive subscriptions from fake and non-existing email addresses. A very common scenario is when people supply wrong addresses, and sometimes, some people even subscribe to your platform with the intention of perpetrating some fraudulent activities. It is therefore important for you to protect your business by verifying the authenticity of the email addresses you are dealing with. There is a very easy and fast way to do this via TheChecker, wherever you are. This will help you confirm whether you are getting emails, subscriptions, and marketing from valid addresses. It is simply one of the best email verification platforms you will find in the world today, and you can even use it for bulk email verification.


Nobody will appreciate you sending only promotional email campaigns to them every time. People want to feel that you are offering them something valuable. That is why you have to be dynamic with your campaign content, so that the people will always have the urge to open and read your contents and maybe tell a friend about your brand too. We’ve compiled a list of possible email contents you can send to stay attached with your email list contacts.


You can invite your local customers to your product demonstration or an impactful seminar you are organizing at your business.


Let your customers feel like they are the first to know about your newest products by sending them an email campaign to this effect.


Let your customers know that you care s much about them, by sending them all kinds of valuable and trusted information via newsletters.

You can always promote your brand whenever you are sending out these emails, so it is always a win-win situation.


Irrespective of the kind of email you are sending to your customers; always make sure that you include a comprehensive call to attention (CTA) that will be clear to anyone that reads it.

Check out these few tips on how to make people act whenever they see your CTA:

  • Make it appealing, catchy and visually clear
  • Use exact terms that tell people what they need to do such as “Click here to download”, “Download now” etc.
  • Make your CTA evident in any email content you send

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