Email marketing: The main advantages and benefits

email marketingEmail has become one of the most used communication channels. It is even difficult to find someone who does not have an email account as in our daily lives; email is something basic like our phone number. Therefore, understanding the importance of email marketing is essential for companies that need an effective communication channel to provide information, offers, newsletters and promotions to their customers or potential customers. Marketing by email or email marketing allows companies to be able to contact in a personalized way with their customers, inform them of a new product, a new offer, build a brand with thousands of users around, etc.

The use of email communications offers a lot of information as a company can decide when and how to send emails and customize them and today, some professional email marketing platforms offer a multitude of statistics to analyze every single email sent and thus make decisions in future communications. They also provide email marketing-planning platform to ensure that every email sent really has been personalized to potential targets. EDDM printing is a good example where every company can design email displays with adjustments to products, targets and global market share.

What are the advantages and benefits of email marketing?

1. It is economic

If we compare among the possible investments that a company needs to make a good communication with its clients, the email marketing way is easier to measure.

2. It is ecological

The environmental impact of traditional direct marketing actions is very high. In contrast, email marketing allows companies to send thousands or millions of emails instantly and without using physical resources. Email marketing is ecological as companies stop wasting so much paper.

3. It is fast

The creation of an email marketing campaign can take a few minutes only. This of course really jumps over the various bureaucratic obstacles commonly seen on other marketing strategies.

4. It is measurable

Like most online marketing actions, email marketing platforms and tools allow you to control and measure a multitude of variables easily. In an easy way, any company can see the impact that their email marketing campaign has had in real time.

5. It is global

Until a few years ago it was almost impossible to be in contact with clients around the world. Today, thanks to the fact that we live in a totally globalized and digitalized society, we can carry out an email marketing campaign quickly and easily. It has never been so easy!

The use of email marketing (thanks to tools and quality platforms) allows companies around the world to take advantage of their competition and improve their economic results.

Email marketing allows us to know a lot of information about the tastes and interests of our database, which allows us to improve future campaigns (knowing what time they read our emails, from which device, etc. They are very valuable weapons in the hands of any entrepreneur or executive).

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