Elevator shoes: Shoes that make you taller

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Has the thought of being taller ever crossed your mind? Even if only by an inch or two? Maybe you’re tired of having to ask for help at the supermarket to get a product that’s just barely out of reach, or you feel somewhat self-conscious about being the shortest member of your family or work group. Being faced with a perceived personal inadequacy can be difficult, especially when it’s about a trait that you cannot change. It’s not like there exist surgeries or safe medication capable of modifying your height. Luckily where modern medicine has stumbled, more conventional technology has stepped in to tackle the challenge.

While they may seem like a rather crude solution, elevator shoes are anything but. Named for their primary purpose, guidomaggi elevator shoes allow you to discreetly appear taller without having to resort to wearing high heels or platform shoes. This task is accomplished through materials hidden within the design of the shoe. Portions of the in-soles are constructed with additional layers for a height boosting effect. On the outside, these shoes still appear ordinary so no one will be privy to your height boosting secret unless you deign to tell them yourself. They are perfectly designed to be both functional and discreet.

Physical benefits

The benefits that come from a subtle height increase are numerous and exist as physical health benefits as well as mental health or professional benefits. The design of elevator shoes help balances out your posture, allowing for a firmer gait and better spine health. With the added height boost you’ll also likely want to stand up straighter as well to further accentuate the boost in height provided by the shoes, thus naturally countering any unhealthy slouching that you may have been doing beforehand. The way you walk will also be improved by the cushioning effect of the additional in-sole layers, allowing you to appear more natural and confident as you stride through life.

The posture boost given by elevator shoes is nothing to sneeze at when it comes to spinal health. Side effects of poor posture can include joint degeneration, back pain, as well as spinal dysfunction. While wearing elevator shoes won’t serve as a cure for someone already suffering from these conditions, their usage will help prevent their onset. This preventative step taken can potentially drastically reduce medical bills, as treatment for spinal conditions is incredibly expensive, at least within the United States. Rounding out your wardrobe with elevator shoes can help stave off both the negative effects on your body as well as your wallet.

Professional benefits

The added height will also aid in your professional endeavors, as studies have shown that taller individuals tend to garner more respect from their peers. This additional respect, along with the added self-confidence will undoubtedly increase your performance at the workplace. The added height might even help you reach things that were previously outside of your grasp, saving you from the embarrassment of having to rely on a taller person to assist you. Members of both genders have also been noted as having an increased attraction to taller individuals, meaning that the added height from elevator shoes might just allow you both the courage and looks to finally ask out that one co-worker you’ve been meaning to get to know better.

Mental benefits

Performing better at work and with coworkers will likely also provide a boon to your mental health as well. While one should never tie their self-worth entirely to their appearance, the benefit of a few inches can still work wonders. Boosting your mental health will also allow you to perform even better at work, creating a feedback loop in which you simply keep improving. All because of a pair of shoes that propped you up a couple of inches.

Alongside providing numerous benefits relating to height and confidence, most guidomaggi.it elevator shoes are simply quite comfortable. This is again due to the additional layers applied to the in-sole of the shoe. The added cushion makes the shoes exceptionally comfortable while still appearing outwardly professional. Should you want a more casual look while retaining the height, this is also possible as there are elevator sneakers, boots, loafers, and many other types of shoes. This allows for versatility in terms of your wardrobe, but also consistency for the height boosting effect so you don’t come up short while dressing casually.

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