Elaine Luria tours Riverside Doctors’ Hospital in Williamsburg

Elaine LuriaCongresswoman Elaine Luria (VA-02) this week toured Riverside Doctors’ Hospital Williamsburg, meeting with hospital leadership and staff and discussing critical health care issues.

At Riverside Doctors’ Hospital Williamsburg, Congresswoman Luria discussed issues such as reducing drug pricesexpanding access to quality and affordable health care, helping the underinsured, and hospital rehabilitation partnerships with law enforcement and other community stakeholders.

During the tour, Congresswoman Luria visited and learned about the Crisis Intervention Team and Assessment Center.

“I thank Riverside Doctors’ Hospital Williamsburg leadership for the opportunity to tour the facility and discuss key health care issues with the team,” Congresswoman Luria said. “I enjoyed our productive dialogue, and it’s visits like these that allow policymakers to better understand the health care challenges in our region. I commend Riverside Doctors’ Hospital Williamsburg and other providers for establishing partnerships with the community to solve pressing health care problems.”

“It was a privilege to welcome Congresswoman Luria to Doctors’ Hospital and discuss how Riverside is working to make the communities we serve stronger and healthier. It is extraordinarily important for health care providers to work directly with our elected leaders to identify ways to expand access to care, deliver quality outcomes, and drive down costs. We are delighted Congresswoman Luria generously spent her time with us,” said Adria Vanhoozier, Administrator of Riverside Doctors’ Hospital Williamsburg.

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