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Elaine Chao campaigns for George Allen

Susan Allen welcomed former Labor Secretary Elaine L. Chao to the Virginia Voices Tour on Tuesday.

Throughout the day, they are joining local community and small business leaders in Northern Virginia to share ideas and solutions to create a thriving economic environment for Virginia families through positive leadership.

They began the day at a Leadership Luncheon at Bonefish Grill in Fredericksburg. They were joined by Stafford Board of Supervisors Chairman Susan Stimpson, Spotsylvania Board of Supervisors Chairman Ann Heidig, and other local community leaders.

“Freedom and opportunity are at the heart of job-creating policies in America,” said Chao. “Sustained high unemployment and underemployment throughout our nation points to a cloud of uncertainty over businesses that impedes their ability to plan, invest and hire. Washington’s responsibility is to empower job creation through the right tax, regulatory and labor policies to grow the free enterprise system – not the federal government. America’s employers will begin hiring again when they see an economic environment where they are free to invest unfettered by an over-taxing and over-regulating government.

“George Allen helped create an economic environment that added 300,000 net new jobs in Virginia, and we need George Allen’s record of leadership and results in Washington in the U.S. Senate to help free our economy to create the jobs millions of Americans need.”

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