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Education can go beyond the classroom

Education is what helps individuals in society eventually get a career that will allow them to profit and live. A career seems to always be the end goal to education yet the end goal to education is ambiguous. Although it is important to get a proper education, a career should not be the only reason to get an education. Education can come from many areas and does not necessarily reside in a formal classroom. We learn how to education ourselves when we are young by mimicry. Humans are mirror animals and will adapt to our surroundings as needed. We repeat the behaviors of those around us and learn empathy from a young age. When someone hears the word education they may associate it with core subject areas like “math, science, reading, history, english, etc.” However, education can also be music and art. It can be the ability to learn emotional intelligence and regulation deriving from a basic understanding of psychology. Education is learning by retaining information for later recall. The most important thing about the realm of education isn’t always the subjects studied yet the amount of information that is retained and actually understood.

Choosing a career does become necessary at one point or another in an individual’s lifetime. For this reason, it can be crucial to obtain a formal education while also understanding that the beginning of a career does not mean the end of an education. Although a chapter of one’s academic life may come to a close, it doesn’t mean that learning stops the second a diploma is in their hand. Learning can be done at any point in a day. Humans learn from everything. They can learn from each other and their environment. They can learn by reading books and listening the world around them. The way each individual choosing to take in information is highly reliant on their observancy skills.

The basic scientific method is often taught at the beginning of one’s academic career. From the age of five or six students should have an understanding of “Observe, Hypothesis, Experiment, Record, Conclusion, Repeat.” Those skills are done in the way that humans actually learn. They observe something throughout their day and then create a hypothesis about why something is happening. Then they conduct an experiment whether socially or actually utilizing products, and record their results to either prove or disprove the hypothesis. One does not have to be mastering data science to cultivate a thorough understanding of how day to day learning works. Adults can always keep learning. Whether it is learning a new recipe to cook or the best parenting techniques, it is important that learning never stops. Learning doesn’t stop when we leave the classroom, and it shouldn’t stop just because someone decides to embark on a career journey. People should utilize their career as a learning experience. No matter the field, everyday application and interactions with others can help the learning experience to grow and manifest into a much more educated person.

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