eCheck: Casino and gaming option

online casinoIf you have been playing real money casino games online for some time, you have undoubtedly come across various online payment systems, such as eCheck. eCheck is a virtual version of traditional paper checks, which allows players to transfer money from their chequing account directly to the account of the online casino. All eCheck transfers are completed after passing through the ACH network, which is also why the service is sometimes called “ACH transfer”. In its core, eCheck is a faster and cheaper alternative of paper checks.

What makes eCheck a suitable option for online casinos is that it combines the security and speed related to online money transactions with the processing methods associated with traditional paper cheques. What is more, using eChecks, players are not asked to reveal their credit or debit information, which makes the option all the more appropriate for online gambling.

For a more in-depth review of eChecks, keep reading the lines below.

How to use eCheck at online casinos

As mentioned already, eCheck can be used at online gambling sites like, and the process is quite easy, too. To use eChecks, players need to have an account at one of the eligible banks (keep in mind that those vary from casino to casino). Once they have made sure that they can use eChecks, players can visit the cashier page of the casino and choose the eCheck deposit method.

Gamblers are then asked to specify the amount they wish to deposit, and are required to type in the information needed. Once the eCheck form is completed, players just click on the submit button and wait for the transaction to be approved. Players usually have to wait between two and five days for eCheck transaction to be approved and processed.

At some online casinos, it is also possible to withdraw funds using eChecks, and the process is similar to making a deposit. Players need to visit the casino’s cashier page and select eCheck from the list of available withdrawing options. Then, they are asked to type in the amount they wish to withdraw and, once they do that, they can hit the submit button. Depending on the bank players are using, withdrawals take between two and five days to be completed.

Advantages of using eCheck

Without a doubt, eCheck is a less-common online payment method, but this is not to say that it does not offer various advantages to online casino users. To begin with, using eChecks at online casinos is incredibly convenient, and the system allows players to monitor their casino spendings, too. Last, but not least, eChecks boast draconian security measures – the use of eChecks at online casinos is associated with authentication systems, public key cryptography, and digital signatures, all of which are designed to protect players’ funds.

Disadvantages of using eCheck

In spite of the exceptional security measures, players using eChecks at online casinos might see an unfamiliar charge in their monthly bank statement. The bad news is that eChecks make it rather difficult to solve such issues. Simply said, succeeding in retrieving funds once they have been transferred via an eCheck is almost impossible.

Second of all, whereas some casinos allow players to gamble as soon as they make a deposit with an eCheck (remember, transactions are completed after 2 to five days), their number is very limited. Essentially, this means that in most cases, players will have to wait at least two days before being able to play at the casino. Over this period, however, players might lose interest in playing at the said casino. In addition, it is a pity that players also need to wait for their withdrawals to be approved and processed, too.

Overall, eChecks represent an online alternative of traditional paper cheques, which can be used at online casinos. eChecks offer online gambling enthusiasts various advantages, but they have some drawbacks, too.

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