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EC-Council CEH Certification: Powerful weapon against malicious hackers

e-commerceThe Certified Ethical Hacking (CEH) credential is modernized and regularized by EC-Council. It is well-recognized as a member-based global organization that endorses individuals in the skills of security and e-business. The CEH certification verifies applicants in a particular Ethical Hacking network security discipline from a vendor-neutral outlook. To be a Certified Ethical Hacker means to understand and know how to look for vulnerabilities and weaknesses in target systems, as well as use the similar tools and skills as a malicious hacker (but legitimately) to evaluate the security situation of a target system.

The 312-50 certification exam is associated with the CEH credential. This examination is well known in about 60 countries. Since April 2010, this certification exam has been endorsed by the United States Department of Defense as a service line certification in four Computer Network Defense Service Provider (CNDSP) Categories on Directive 8570. Aside that, it is an authorized prelim applier for the standards of ANSI 17024 and prerequisite for ANSI 17024.

This exam is considered to be part of the CEH certification process, and regarded as the first step to take in order to become a Licensed Penetration Tester (LTP). In order to get the EC-Council CEH credential, how can you make the 312-50 test work for you? First of all, you need to put it in mind that this is a course that depends basically on concepts, and any approach or insight test will entail performing without any preparation at some levels. This means, there will be no class or software material that can give you a clue on what to do at the periods. However, the fact that you have the experience of getting the CEH certification will surely prove the possibility and set the essential skills for development and practice.

How Can You Obtain CEH?

The CEH can be obtained through series of learning modes which include live classroom tutorial and online tutorial through the iClass option. The iClass option is EC-council online, Live and instructor-led tutorial platform. What makes the EC-council whole vendor catalog neutral IT Security certifications available to you in various docket dates, format and times is the iClass. For instance, the Live classroom tutorial is normally a five-day format that is run in bootcamp style as the process is completed within a short period of time.

For those who want to follow up on their Masters in Information Security, the best place to get this is from EC-Council University in Mexico, USA. This university is endorsed to be the first of its type across the globe to have a program on master of Security Science.

Eligibility for EC-Council 312-50 Exam

If you want to enroll for the 312-50 certification exam, you must either pass the CEH course at the EC-Council Accredited Training Institute, or get yourself prepared via self-study. If you are using self-study method of preparation, you must have minimum of two years’ experience in Information System Security authorized by your employer. However, if you do not have such years of experience but rather have educational experience, you can tender your request to the EC-Council for the basis of case-by-case study consideration.

Not minding the path of the choice of preparation you choose, the CEH Preparation guide is very significant to have essential skill for proper preparation and pass successfully the certification exam. With the clear and comprehensive explanations of the major ethical hacking topics together with the series of revision of the past questions will seriously broaden your chances of passing the 312-50 test. If you have passed through the training session of the EC-Council Accredited Training Center, then you are qualified to do the Web-based Prometric Prime Exam 312-50.

The Prep Away EC-Council CEH Certification Exams Pass4sure ExamCollection help you prepare for real exam which comprises of 150 questions that must be completed within four hours. But if you are from non-English speaking countries, the given time to complete this test is four plus one and half hours. The pass mark for this certification exam is 70%. The examination can be retake without restrictions or any waiting time, and the certification is valid for 24 months.

The EC-Council 312-50 certification exam is purposely designed in order to certify the professionals of the skilled information system security to carry out ethical attacks in opposition to target information systems to help a company develop anticipated occurrence approaches against hackers.  A Certified Ethical Hacker is fully aware of the tools and strategies applied by malicious people against networks, and use their skills to assist organizations to detect exposures in their systems.

Importance of CEH Prep Guide for EC-Council 312-50 Exam

The CEH Preparation Guide helps an individual prepare for the 312-50 exam, as it offers deep coverage of the newest hacking approaches needed to be successful during the actual test. Everything needed to pass this examination with flying colors is in the Prep guide. The content is presented in a precise and professional way in a very simple format including the past question reviews found at the end of the chapter. This will enable you to test your ability so far through the material. Inside the preparation guide is a CD that comprises of series of questions and answers. The CD is just a self-paced exam to review your knowledge, and at the same time act as reinforcement tool that can be used to prepare for the certification test.

With EC-Council 312-50 certification exam, you can easily become a much-preferred employee to a company where you will use your knowledge of security threats, apply penetration testing, risk mitigation, exposure analysis, issues related to business, and counter-measure to a company together with how to upgrade the defenses of the company in a better and cheaper way. There is knowledge of offensive, as well as defensive measures in the CEH that can help the successful candidate protect the information systems of an organization.

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