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Easy way to understand RTP in iGaming

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While some players are seduced by the themes of the casino games others prefer focusing on the games that feature more bonuses. Nevertheless, for professional players, RTP is the main factor that pushes them to play a game or not. Known also theoretical payout percentage, RTP or Return to Player is crucial when choosing a casino game as it will increase the chance the players have to keep their stakes.

The top-notch sports betting and the top payout bingo sites are home to the game with a high RTP. For those who always wonder how an RTP works and how it can affect the game choices they make, understand what it means in the iGaming area.

What is RTP?

Return to Player is the value of the players’ wagered money that will return to them in the form of gains. This means that the higher RTP a game is, the more chance the players have to keep their bet. This statistical value expresses how profitable a game is for the casino and the player. The value is between 0 and 100% and most of the bingo games come with more than 90% RTP. When the game’s RTP is 100%, this means that this game will pay everything back on average. For example, if you wager $5, you will get on average $50 in gains. Therefore, it is important for the player to play at online bingo halls that show each game’s RTP next to the gaming interface.

Can you calculate RTP?

To calculate the RTP, you just take the total amount returned to the player and divide it by the total amount wagered by this player. Let’s give an example; there is a game that pays out $9000 with a total of $10,000 amount bet by the player. This will give 0.9 (9000 divided by 10,000) as an answer and can be represented as a percentage of 90%.

Nevertheless, with the advanced features packed with the games, calculating an RTP has become more complex. Today, with the fierce competition in the iGaming market, the slot games are, generally, designed to be lucrative with the average range between 94% and 99%. As for the bingo games, in general, the payout percentages are between 91% and 95% in the online version.

How to choose games with knowledge of RTP %?

Choosing casino games with elevated RTP means an opportunity for gamblers to get back their gambled money. Since the main reason to push people to gamble is to win as huge winnings as possible, they can maximize their chance with higher RTPs. When selecting the best casino games, the gamblers have to check if these games come with the highest RTP.

In fact, before playing, they should know if the game features a high and low return to the player. The recognized game with a high RTP is the progressive jackpot slot that can grant massive winnings. However, there are also other casino games that are bundled with an interesting return to player including the bingo games, some table games, and other games of pure chance.

Gambling with RTP in your favor

Probably, the gamblers want to bet with return to player in their favor. Anyway, who doesn’t want to boost the big winnings and experience the thrill of casino games? Since gambling can be highly diverting and rewarding if the basic rules are understood, choosing profitable games is important.

As stated above, RTP is an average estimation of the amount that will be paid back to the players during the game. Every casino game has its theoretical calculation created by the game developers so before loading and playing your chosen games, understand how these games will affect your gameplay. However, this RTP shouldn’t be taken to heart as it isn’t applied to random great gains and long losing streaks.

Story by Ben Thacher. Thacher is an English journalist with experience in the iGaming Niche.

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