Easy hacks to save money at the Newark Airport

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Newark Airport has ranked as the most expensive airport that America has to offer. With skyrocketing airfares and insane food costs, you can probably understand the frustrations when traveling through Newark Liberty Airport. While EWR is making efforts to make traveling through the airport less of a financial burden – such as giving access to free Wi-Fi in late 2018 – the airport is still known for its major expenses. We have put together some money saving hacks that you can easily implement on your next set of travels through the Newark Airport.

  1. Pack Your Own Food

    1. One of the most notorious complaints about Newark International Airport is expensive food costs. Whether you are flying in or out of the airport, packing some snacks can help save your bank account.
    2. Snacks like protein bars, already popped popcorn, instant oatmeal bowls, and packets of jerky are great options that are simple to pack and can curb hunger easily. Though it is tempting to sit at a nice restaurant and indulge in a fully prepped meal, with your packed snacks, you will be able to pass by all the expensive food in the Newark Airport terminals without burning a hole in your wallet.
    3. This way you can get to your destination and eat a meal outside of the airport that will usually be a fraction of the price of the food at the airport.
  2. Pack a Filtered Water Bottle

    1. It is essential to drink water when flying. On top of the salty foods and snacks available at the airport, the changes in altitude and constant dry air being pumped everywhere easily cause dehydration.
    2. However, by TSA rules, a regular bottle of water is not permitted past security. That’s why we recommend investing in a filtered water bottle. Not only can you take this bottle through security empty, but you can also fill it at a water fountain or any water tap and know what you are drinking is safe.
    3. The savings to your pocket for not having to buy water bottles over and over again, feel just as good as helping out the environment.
  3. Avoid onsite EWR Airport Parking and Pre-Book Online!

    1. For those who want, or must drive themselves to the airport, should pre-book parking to save money. Avoid the Newark Airport Parking system, and use sites like Way.com!
    2. Opting for the EWR long term parking can cost you up to $40 a day. But on Way.com, you can find parking rates as low as $10 a day. While this parking is not on airport property, parking lots with Way.com will provide complimentary shuttles to and from Newark Airport.
    3. As a bonus, because of the variety of lots offered with Way.com, you have a lot of choices in things like a covered or uncovered lot, valet or self-park and more!
  4. Final Words

    1. Traveling, in general, can be a major financial stress, especially when having to travel through the most expensive airport in America. But who knows? If all goes well, your next flight from EWR airport shouldn’t break your bank. Saving you more money to spend on you and your travels.

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