Due dates to change on Harrisonburg Public Utilities bills

Harrisonburg residents will notice a change in when they pay their Public Utilities bill starting soon.

All City of Harrisonburg Public Utilities customers will have new bill payment due dates effective Nov. 1, 2019, as the City works to adopt innovative new technology and improve service to residents and customers. All customers will be divided into two new billing districts based on customer account number, with District 1 having a due date on the ninth day of each month, and District 2 having a due date on the 22nd day of each month, starting with bills that are due in December 2019.

These changes will not impact the rates customers pay. The table attached illustrates when new due dates will be depending on the first two digits of your account number. There also will be information included on your Public Utilities bill.

Customers should pay close attention to when their new due date is.

utilities bills

Customers enrolled in automatic bank draft (ACH) payments do not need to re-enroll. Payments will automatically draft from your bank account as usual.

The change in due dates is in anticipation of new meter reading technology for all customers beginning in 2020. Once installed, the new technology will allow for remote reading of water meters. Remote reading will nearly eliminate the need for Public Utilities employees to physically travel to your property to read your water meter, as the new technology will electronically transmit information on your water consumption from your meter to the Department of Public Utilities. This electronic transmission is quicker and more real-time leading to immediate billing.

Eventually, this new technology will provide Public Utilities employees with the ability to instantaneously review your water consumption and address questions you may have. This transformation in service delivery and new technology is a best practice nationally and will ensure the City of Harrisonburg continues providing you award-winning water service.

You may contact the Billing Division of the Department of Public Utilities with any questions. The Billing Division is located at 2155 Beery Road, and can be reached by telephone at 540-434-6783.

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