Drunk driver appears before a Virginia court

drunk driverAn allegedly drunk truck driver who was charged with killing a young high school student in May 2017 on Indian River Road, Virginia Beach, was set to appear in court in a rather gruesome personal injury case. Jerode Johnson, 31, who is currently in custody will appear in court to face charges of involuntary manslaughter, driving under the influence, hit and run and driving on a suspended operator’s license.


The Accident Scene

The accident involved a delivery truck driven by Mr. Johnson which was heading eastwards and hit an SUV that had two girls inside, who were heading west. Police reports indicate that Mr. Johnson lost control of the truck and in the process of rectifying the situation he overcorrected it by crossing the centerline.

One of the passengers was the late Kaitlyn Duffy who was a senior at Gate Bridge High School. The 18-year-old teenager was supposed to graduate in June then attend Virginia Tech. The tragic incident took away her life instantly at the scene of the accident. Duffy’s friend, Sabrina Mundorff was also in the SUV and was airlifted to hospital. She survived with severe spinal and brain injuries. She also suffered severe burns that will leave her scarred and traumatized for the rest of her life.

According to some neighbors, after the tragic accident took place, Mr. Johnson took off and was later found in a nearby barn close to the scene of the crash. He did not make time to see if the victims of the accident were alright, even the one alongside him in the delivery truck who also sustained grave injuries.


Facts Surrounding the Accident

It was reported that on the particular day that the accident took place, Mr. Johnson was not in a sober state and was apparently under the influence of alcohol. Another fact that will affect this case was the fact that Mr Johnson fled the scene after the accident, which is not only an admission of guilt, but could result in an addition felony hit and run charge. The alcohol blood limit in Virginia is 0.04% blood alcohol concentration or lower, one of the lowest anywhere in the country.


Public Reminded to Seek Legal Action

The state of Virginia encourages victims to approach and consult a personal injury attorney in such cases. It is advised that victims file a criminal and civil suit, which will most likely be a tort of negligence case. If the driver is found to have acted recklessly and negligently, resulting in physical or emotional harm towards other people, then the tortfeasor is liable in a civil court of law and he or she should pay damages, usually awarded by the court.

It is true that a personal injury suit against such reckless and negligent people will not bring back lost lives. However, damages have to be paid by people who put their lives and that of others in danger and to ensure that injured people and families of deceased persons are duly compensated for their pain and suffering.

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