Driving away from Hurricane Irma

hurricane irmaIf you live in Florida, you’re probably already sick of hearing about Hurricane Irma. You’re probably just sick of hurricanes altogether. Everywhere they go, it seems like something bad happens! We’ll give you a few reasons tips about how best to approach hurricanes, so you’re less annoyed with the next one that rolls around. We’ll also let you know why you might want to get out of your home state for at least a little while until everything blows over. (No pun intended. That’s a bald-faced lie.)

You Know What’s Ahead

People in Florida are used to hurricane warnings looming over their head. Earthquakes, volcanoes, and tornados don’t give people a head’s up before they get to town, but the heavy rain and destructive winds will. Before you get blown away, make sure you have a contingency plan when it comes to how you handle the hurricanes. Ultimately, just knowing that you have other options can make you feel calmer when the actual storm touches down. Driving away might be an appropriate solution, especially if you had been thinking of setting up shop in Colorado for the past few years anyway. They may get the occasional snowfall, but they’re not in the news very often for massive hurricanes.

Find the Best Technology

If you’re going to escape from the hurricane, you’ll want to invest in the right technology to make your getaway entertaining (or at the very least, bearable.) Start downloading movies now, because you’re probably going to be faced with a lot of downtime when you’re waiting out the hurricane. We’d heavily recommend checking out movies that make you feel happy, rather than watching movies where death and destruction reign over everything. If you have any type of flexibility with your job, you may even be able to work remotely for a while, if you find an internet connection. You can even use a hot spot on your phone if your stylish motel lacks wi-fi (or shampoo, or a pillowcase, or a lock on the door.)

Too Many Responsibilities

If you didn’t manage to drive away from Hurricane Irma before it hit, you may want to consider driving away from the aftereffects. After a hurricane hits, you can bond with your fellow man as you work to put back what once was. You can be a hero to those who lost everything. You could go down in history as The Greatest Person Who Has Ever Lived. Or you could just get out of dodge where you don’t have anyone to nag you about ‘doing the right thing.’ Driving away from everything gives you a chance to shirk your moral responsibility, and honestly, there are few better feelings than when you get to shirk. In fact, we think that shirking is going to be next big pop move, so it’s probably time to warm up your dance shoes. Doing things takes a lot of effort, and those naps aren’t going to take themselves.

If you’re getting ready to take your Florida driving test, then you can probably taste the freedom ahead of you. Consider going to FL traffic school if you’re trying to find the best path to get you behind the wheel. Some of the best advice you’ll ever get is to take classes that will stick with you rather than boring yourself to tears in a class that’s clearly being taught by someone who only wants to scare you about how dangerous driving is. Choose fun curriculums that will leave an impression on you, so you can do the right thing on the road.


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