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Drivers offer winter driving tips in preparation for weekend storms

Winter weather is expected to hit many parts of Virginia and the East Coast this weekend, creating dangerous driving conditions for motorists.

American Trucking Associations’ America’s Road Team, a group of elite professional truck drivers, want to remind the general motoring public that safety is the first priority. To accompany the list of safety tips provided below, America’s Road Team Captains John Lex (Walmart Transportation) and Russ Simpson appeared in a video highlighting some of the most critical safety procedures.

“Before we start a trip at our truck driving jobs, we take the time to do a pre-trip inspection, making sure that our vehicle is ready to go out on the road,” said America’s Road Team Captain John Lex (Walmart Transportation). “You might also want to consider packing a bag of goods – blankets, food and other items that you might need in case you are stranded on the road.”

“If you really don’t have to go anywhere during bad weather conditions, stay at home, that’s the safest place to be,” advised Virginia Trucking Association President & CEO Dale Bennett.

The Virginia Trucking Association urges people to stay off the roads during adverse conditions, but for those who must get out, the America’s Road Team Captains compiled this list of tips for drivers: