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Drinks to green

Green Drinks reaches out to people interested in the green movement, which includes preservation of energy, buying local and recycling among other things.

Kate Guenther, who has been to a few of the meetings, and was at the most recent one, held on Thursday in Staunton, looks at the green movement and has this thought: “I bet if you bring together all of the people in the county who think of themselves as environmentalists, it would be a whole lot of people. Everyone is just using different outlets. It would be a great thing to bring everyone together.” 

The monthly meetings are completely unstructured. They are very much a social gathering to get to know people with the same interests as you. “There is no agenda. That is the cool thing about this,” organizer Steve Grande said. “At any time, you can hear people talking about the new legislation about plastic bags or about what they did over the weekend.” 

Grande came with pamphlets in hand about ways to go green. Among the pamphlets were Buy Fresh Buy Local, a newspaper that tells you where you can buy local foods. There was also a brochure called 7 Steps to a More Sustainable Yard

Going Green is a movement that is slowly beginning to take hold. “I think there is a lot we can do to help the environment. We just need to actually get out there and do something about it,” said Grande. 

Two first-timers, Jeff Sharp and Ryan Blosser, are ready to get involved in the green movement.  Starting by getting involved in the farmers market is just the beginning for these two. They also plan to start a community supported agriculture farm.

To catch up on Green Drinks, go online at, or visit them on Facebook,

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