DREAMers ask loved ones to be their votes at the ballot box

2016 hillary clinton donald trumpA new ad from For Our Future and MoveOn.org Political Action entitled “My Vote is Their Voice” features Adriana, a naturalized citizen; Blanca, an undocumented DREAMer; and an eight year-old named Eleanor talking to voters about the power of their vote.

The ad targets Obama coalition voters, which include Millennials, Latinos, African Americans and first time voters who turned out in record numbers in 2008 and 2012 for Obama.

“Whether it is a vote on behalf of the 750,000 DACA eligible DREAMers in jeopardy if Hillary Clinton does not win, or it is to stand up to Donald Trump’s constant barrage of racist attacks against communities of color and women, the stakes in this election for so many have never been higher,” said Amanda Brown, For Our Future, Campaign Director. “Voting is the purest way we renew our democracy but for too many of our neighbors the only way for their voice to be heard at the ballot box is through others’ votes. Too many returning citizens are needlessly denied the right to vote because of vestiges of racist policies of the past. This ad reminds voters of these impacted communities of the responsibility and power that comes with voting — not just to themselves but also for all those who can’t.”

We are making clear to voters that to protect DREAMers and keep families together we need to win more than the White House. With the Supreme Court weighing in next year on DAPA, Hillary needs a Democratic Senate to confirm a justice who will be fair to families, including American kids with undocumented parents. We must defeat Joe Heck, Marco Rubio, and all others whose records are in opposition to the community’s values.

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