Dr. Scot Bradley Glasberg provides state-of-art plastic surgery treatments

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When the outward appearance of your body changes with age or as a result of a disease or traumatic incident, it’s natural to lose your self-confidence. Reconstructive surgery is meant to provide you with treatment options so you can restore the functionality or appearance of a damaged, diseased, or injured part of your body.

Reconstructive plastic surgery is an artistic part of medical science. With medical and technological knowledge, an experienced plastic surgeon’s hands are necessary to successfully achieve results that can give back to patients their lost self-esteem.

Dr. Scot Bradley Glasberg, MD, is a certified cosmetic and plastic surgeon (by the American Board of Surgery and the American Board of Plastic Surgery), with a research fellowship in the field of Craniofacial surgery sets very high standards for aesthetic care that he provides to his patients at his Manhattan clinic.

Dr. Glasberg has led the field of plastic surgery in New York City by serving as the former president of the American Board of Plastic Surgery and by training young plastic surgeons at New York Health Sciences Center. He received the highest honor in the field of plastic surgery, the Distinguished Service Award in 2018.

His Manhattan clinic is a center that provides outstanding aesthetic care to all of his patients with its state-of-art technology as well as the artistic and experienced hands of Dr. Glasberg.

According to Dr. Glasberg, “Every patient is unique and needs a personalized crafted treatment plan to provide solutions for their specific needs and problems.” He also states that “providing a safe, positive, and friendly environment to patients is vital for achieving successful results with reconstructive surgeries that work not just to create beautiful outward appearances but also aims at boosting the confidence of every patient.”

The best thing about his Manhattan clinic is that the staff works assisting Dr. Glasberg in performing successful reconstruction surgeries but in assisting patients in following guidelines that are required to live a fit and healthy life.

Dr. Glasberg’s Manhattan clinic specializes in cosmetic and reconstructive procedures like breast reconstruction, breast augmentation, or breast reduction operations, abdominoplasty, liposuction, rhinoplasty, laser skin resurfacing, facelift, blepharoplasty, and non-invasive fillers and BOTOX® injection procedures.

All the plastic surgery NYC procedures carried out in their Manhattan clinic are performed on target areas of the patient’s body that require reshaping or enhancement. Every patient receives before, in-procedure, and aftercare with utmost diligence by their trained medical staff.

At every step, Dr. Glasberg follows the approach of transparency in his practice and ensures that the procedures are tailor-made to target patients specific needs. The patients are briefed and counseled at every step of the treatment and can feel free to contact him for any difficulties they are facing after the completion of the reconstructive procedures.

At the Manhattan clinic, led by Dr. Glasberg, every patient is treated with dignity, and their problems are first understood with compassion before a personalized treatment plan is crafted for their unique situation. Anyone in NYC looking to reshape their self-esteem by changing some of their aesthetic features can request a free consultation by filling out an online form on his website.

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