Don’t let unlicensed HVAC contractors make a mess of your home

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When looking to purchase a new heating or air conditioning system, there can be some tempting bids or prices offered by contractors. The difference in price between one contractor and another may raise a red flag when prices are so far apart it doesn’t feel right. Usually, the red flag is a warning that needs to be heeded. Many licensed, insured, and legit contractors will have higher prices than a company that is working under the table without the requirements of local laws.

On the cheap

Ever hear the saying, “you get what you pay for”? Well, when looking to have a contractor work on a home, this is a good time to reflect upon that saying. It may be tempting to hire the lowest bidding company to install or repair your air conditioner or heating unit, but there is usually a reason why the price is so tempting. Hiring a questionable company can lead to many problems. Some of the issues may not arise until long after the questionable contractor is gone and not to be found.

Lousy work and more

Often, a company that is not following local laws and guidelines does not take the company or the work completed seriously enough. These air conditioning contractors often will lowball the competition to get the work with no intention of completing professional-level work. Low quality, inferior workmanship, and equipment that is below the desired quality may be installed and not installed properly. A piece of equipment that is inferior or installed not properly can lead to higher heating and cooling costs. Equipment installed with shoddy work or equipment most certainly can lead to an unreliable HVAC experience. The air might not be cool enough from the air conditioner, or the heat may not spread appropriately throughout the home. Sometimes, these unskilled technicians will diagnose a system’s issues and not tell the whole truth, costing more money to fix or install.

When hiring a cheap contractor can feel like a way to save lots of money. However, contractors working on the cheap may save you upfront costs, but in the long run, they may end up costing much more money and causing quite a few headaches along the way. Saving money, in the beginning, can lead to technicians not working following the law and environmental necessities. Many times, not completing work up to local codes to industry level service and installation standards. This type of approach from a contractor certainly can cause issues in the future on a heating or cooling system. The government is having difficulty tracking and finding HVAC technicians who are not following laws. The number of unreliable contractors increases. Before ever hiring an HVAC contractor, be certain to ask for insurance credentials before signing any installation or repair work contract. While scouting contractors, be sure to get as many bids as you can make time for. The more bids that are gathered can help in the decision-making process on who to hire. The highest bid is not necessarily the best choice, but if there is a super low bid, it is likely the contractor does not carry insurance and most likely will fail on other predetermining factors to get the job.

References and word of mouth

A reference can go a long way, particularly when hiring workers to complete work within the home. Ask friends, family, and colleagues if they know of an HVAC contractor they trust. Even if a friend has not used a company, a friend of a friend may have had a great experience with a company. References don’t come cheap. If somebody is referencing a company to do work, odds are they have a great experience and a high level of trust in the company. People who give references want others to experience the great level of service they received and at the same time help out a contractor they trust.

Choose wisely

When you hire a licensed HVAC contractor like Air Conditioners USA, the company is taking itself seriously enough that the company wants to protect its future in the industry and stand by its work once completed. It says a lot to a customer when a company takes care of insurance needs and other laws to ensure a completely smooth project. When a company takes these proper steps, it shows they care about the customer’s welfare and the professionalism offered. Although a license does not quantify success with a contractor is a strong sign of good intent. Unlicensed contractors will mean lower bids, but with all the possible financial and legal issues that may arise, it may cost more into the future than hiring a true expert in the first place. If an issue arises after installation or repair, hiring a licensed contractor will give more outlets for legal remedies. The vast majority of contractors are diligent and handle work with professionalism and grace. These contractors are honest, well-trained, and hard workers completing great work. When running a business in accordance with the local laws and regulations, a company is more responsible and professional.

Bad contractors getting called out

Shady and illegitimate contractors are on the rise. The good news is many of these companies are being reported, and this trend is also on the rise. The low bids from non-legal companies strain the HVAC sector because the homeowners get caught in the middle of the situation. The money saved by hiring a contractor without a license can truly be a high-risk hire. When a company scams a person, the cost can be felt throughout the industry and beyond, but the legit contractors pay the highest cost. Bad contractors can be reported online in a number of different ways, depending on your local area.

At what cost?

Protect yourself, your family, and your investment by hiring a licensed and insured contractor for your next project. To stay away from shady scammers, only hire companies that follow best business practices. Odds are they will also do a better job with your installation or repair. A business is run from the top down, and if the company is legit, this trickles down through the employees. Legit business owners will be paying taxes, have needed insurances, run background checks on employees, have set up a bonded practice, and have taken other legit steps to ensure the client is protected, as well as the business.

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