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Don’t go unprepared: Equip yourself with these essential vacation tips for Cancun, Mexico

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Ask any Caribbean traveler what they consider to be the best destination in Mexico, and you will hear a vast majority of them talking about Cancun. Go a bit further and ask them why they adore this destination so much, and you will start getting answers like, “Cancun is blessed with pristine white beaches,” “its crystal blue waters are second to none,” “Oh, the tequila, how I wish I can take it home with me.” Sounds enticing already? Well, wait till you discover more. Not only is the Cancun world-renowned for its beautiful water bodies, elegant rum, or tequila shots, but the hotels and experiences are simply amazing too.

With over 200 hotels, resorts, bars, and restaurants, this destination gives travelers a chance to relieve the pressure of their everyday lives, and bask in Cancun’s hottest, hippest beach parties and nightlife. But that’s not even all; irrespective of who you are or what you like to do, there is always something for everyone in Cancun – parties and clubbing for lovers of nightlife, top-class accommodations for tourists and adventure lovers, beachside vacation for the lovers of serenity, wildlife explorations and tropical temptations for nature-lovers, and most interestingly, Cancun offers visitors a chance to experience firsthand the gorgeous views of a coconut grove.

With so many enthralling and distinctive features like these, it is not surprising to see thousands of travelers flocking into Cancun every year. So, if you’ll like to be like them, and enjoy the beauties of Cancun on your next holiday visit, then you’ll need to equip yourself with some essential Cancun vacation tips. But not to worry, you need not scout the internet for these tips, because right within the context of this post are some of the essential tips you’ll need. So, all you need to do is sit tight and enjoy the post.

When to visit

It goes without saying that the true backbone behind all of Cancun’s resplendent beauty is none other than “Mother Nature,” and as a result, Cancun is not always in its best of shape all year long, obviously because of climate changes. However, that is not to say that you’re not always going to be in for some exquisite experiences anytime you visit, but to enjoy the very best of Cancun, you’ll need to time your visit precisely. The best, albeit costliest, time to visit is always during the high-season, which runs between mid-December and March. Luckily for most of us, this time coincides with the US spring break. But on the downside, it also means that one will have to endure an overly crowded Cancun. On the other hand, the cheapest time to visit is during the low season, which runs between May and November. However, mid-week exploration is sometimes a good choice too, as it offers some cheaper accommodation options, lesser rates and fees, and of course, fewer crowds.

How to get around Cancun

You need not worry too much about your land transportation in Cancun. Immediately you touchdown at the airport, there is the Cancun airport transportation by eTransfers waiting to pick you up, so that you can have a smooth and comfy ride to your destination. But that’s not even all. Since Cancun is far from being a remote resort, you can expect a very comfy ride anywhere and anytime you visit. Right upon your arrival, you have the opportunity to explore different transportation means, depending on what your budget is. Although there are other public transportation means and taxis serving the area, you still want to try out a rental car because of the comfortability, exquisiteness, and fun it brings. For instance, you can rent a car in Cancun by City Car Rental, so that you can always move around at your own convenience and will. With these car rentals, you can rent a car for a day or more to go on excursions, visit attractions, go to the Mayan ruins, and do much more.

Understanding the weather

As trivial as a weather concern might be, you don’t want to underestimate its significance on your Cancun visit. If anything at all, weather concerns have made thousands of travelers cancel their flights, call their trips off, or at the very least cut it short. Usually, Cancun is always balmy all year long, but in the periods between the start of summer and mid-summer, the humidity often climbs, and in some instances, you can have thunderstorms erupting late in the afternoon. Winter is always cold as expected, but sometimes it can get really cold – like a jacket or sweater kind of cold! Usually, in the Caribbean, there exists the hurricane season, and this season runs between August and October. During this season, there are always storm and hurricane episodes. Although most of the hotels and facilities here are often designed to withstand the hurricanes, you still want to check the weather forecast to know whether a major storm is predicted to occur before you book your flight.

What to pack

Usually, plastic zippered bags come in handy on your visit to Cancun, so that you can easily pack your wet swimsuits. You also want to go with some canvas shopping bags as you may have a need for them, especially when you want to hit the beach or head into town for a thing or two. Additionally, you should get your sturdy walking shoes prepared, especially if you plan on visiting the Mayan ruins. Aside from that, a few sets of clothes, prescribed medications, a set of toiletries, and a carry-on-bag should suffice for a fun, experience-packed Cancun visit.

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