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Don’t forget to show your appreciation to your employees, especially now

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It is a strange time, due to the coronavirus, employees had to change their work life drastically. Working from 9 to 5 at the office has been exchanged for working at home, with all distractions included. Think of the kids running around and a work phone ringing non stop. Not to mention all those ZOOM meetings that require extra effort, energy and focus. Did your employees also experience major changes during the coronavirus? Then don’t forget to show your gratitude for their hard work. An encouraging speech or more vacation days are just a few ways to show your appreciation. In this article, we give you some more inspiration.

Home cinema gift

There are many movie theaters that also have their own ‘video streaming service’. If you subscribe to this service, you can watch the latest movies from your own couch. This is ideal, as many people don’t feel comfortable enough to go to the movies these days. If you want to give your employees ‘a fun evening away in their own house’ enjoying the real cinematic experience, then give them a home cinema gift.

Spa day

If your employees can use some time off to destress and find some inner peace, a spa day is the perfect gift. They can enjoy the sauna or hottub with their partner or a large 4 person hot tub (Dutch: hottub 4 personen) with their roommates. Research shows that both sauna and hottub have a positive effect on people’s mental and physical health. If your employees don’t feel comfortable enough to go to a spa resort these days, then you can also give them an inflatable hot tub (Dutch: opblaasbaar bubbelbad). With their own little bubble bath, they can enjoy the spa every single day.

A personal note or gift

What about a personal gift? It’s very important that employers don’t only know their employees from their work, but also the person behind the work: what they like, what their hobbies are and drives them. It’s that little extra that makes them feel seen and heard. Send them a package with their favourite treats, for example candy, beer, wine, liquer, bites, snacks etc. Or what about a book that fit their hobbies and interests. Does that one employee always talk about diving? Why not give them a book about the best places to dive. Whatever it may be, make it personal.

Hopefully this article inspired you how to show your appreciation to your employees. And don’t forget they say thank you.

Story by Marinus Nutma