Dominion Energy customers saved $29 million thanks to innovative projects

Dominion Energy was recognized by the Southeastern Electric Exchange for two innovative projects that protected both the environment and its customers’ wallets.

dominion energy“This project was about cutting-edge technology and creative problem-solving to maintain reliability, minimize environmental disruption and reduce project costs by millions of dollars for our customers,” said Scott Miller, vice president of transmission at Dominion Energy. “We are very proud of our work on these projects and appreciate the recognition we have received from the communities and our industry peers.”

Dominion Energy was an award winner for its unique approach to replace and upgrade corroded sections of 18 transmission tower foundations in the riverbed of the James. The team developed a plan to perform these complex upgrades without impacting service to customers. The team worked closely with environmental agencies to protect active peregrine falcon nests, osprey, seabirds and aquatic life.

“We saved approximately $25 million for customers by eliminating the need for new towers on the James River Foundation upgrade project,” said Mark Allen, director of transmission construction. “We remained committed to creating and implementing techniques that would stabilize the existing foundations, prevent corrosion for the long-term and protect native wildlife.”

Another project that received recognition was Dominion Energy’s unique application of a mobile substation on the Cartersville high-voltage transmission line rebuild project in Cumberland County. Many rebuild projects require a temporary transmission line to provide electric service to nearby communities during construction, but the rough terrain and associated physical, safety and financial challenges encouraged the team to find a different solution.

Using the mobile substation as the area’s interim power source, the team avoided the need to build a temporary transmission line while still maintaining a reliable connection to its customers, saving $4 million in project costs.

“The Cartersville Mobile Substation is the first 230/115-kilovolt mobile installation of its kind in North America,” said Dave Roop, director of electric transmission operations and reliability. “This substation was originally designed as part of our resiliency strategy, so this project provided us with the perfect opportunity to test it in a planned environment.”

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