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‘Doing nothing’ alternative to Boys & Girls Club

When asked “If you weren’t at the Boys & Girls Club, what would you be doing?” the answer from one child among the December Youth of the Month winners was “I would be doing nothing.” Another responded, “I’d be at home watching TV.”

The Boys and Girls Club presents great options and multiple choices for area youth. Youth of the Month winners enjoy sports, playing and power hour but the favorite option among them seems to be “we get to play.”

Mariela Ruiz (8 years old) attends Berkley Glenn and says she really likes to play. She was the December Youth of the Month for ages 6 and 7 – the perfect age to have the opportunity to play in a safe and supervised environment.

For Kourtney Smith (10 years old), December ages 10 and 11 youth, when asked what she liked best answered, “I guess that we get to play.” Kourtney attends Westwood Hills and can light up the room with her smile.  Nine-year-old Resun Stevenson attends Wenonah and says quietly that she likes “Knockout and playing softball.” Resun was the December 8- and 9-year-old Youth of the Month.

For ages 12 and up, Kate Collins student Davon Dalenta says he has been coming to the Boys and Girls Club since he was 6 years old.  He likes “hanging out with my friends, playing basketball and power hour (sometimes).”  Power hour, he says “is when we do homework.”  He also admits “I like PlayStation 3.”

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