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Does a dog make you a better person?

doggieIt is said that people are either a dog person or a cat person and there is nothing really in the middle. Many dog people have some notion that they are a better person because a dog needs a little more looking after than a cat. Whether this is true or not, and the debate will remain open until the end of time, is not really an issue but in an attempt to find out here are a few things to consider.

Feeding your dog

Feeding your dog is far different from feeding a cat.  While dog owners, just like cat owners refer to companies such as NineBest to find the best food for their dog it is how the animal is fed and feeds that make the difference. Dog owners believe that because their dog can feed at a set time each day that they have to think more when feeding their pet. Because they think more dog owners’ sort of find a strange one up on a cat owner which is a weird way makes them a better person. This is a strange one, but remember we are getting into the heads of pet owners here and there are some weird things going on.

Walking a dog

Walking a dog is something some dog owners think make them a better person. Dog owners use the dog to show that not only are they responsible people, but they are also looking after themselves. There is a degree of something making sense here but still, a cat owner or even an owner of a goldfish can do for a walk and still be responsible for the health and welfare of their pet. Yet again, there may be a little bit of a superiority complex coming in here, but this is perhaps a little more plausible in making them a better person.


Oh yes, this is one where some dog owners love to think they are better people. Having a dog as a guard dog is seen as doing the right thing. Sure, this makes sense with a bigger breed or a dog that really does look like a guard dog but for some, it is a lame way to look better. Come on, as the owner of a cute Yorkie with pink ribbons in his hair (yes, his!) you can hardly be a better person because your dog is a guard does. So in this instance, it is fifty-fifty and the jury is out.

Because you can train a dog

This is one wherein away a person may not so much be better, but they are kind of cool. Having a trained dog, there are not many trained cats or goldfish, is pretty amazing. It takes time and effort to train a dog, a dog can be trained to poop in designated places, and this really does make a person a better more thoughtful individual. However, if this really makes a person a better person is a tough question. The truth is, if you love your pet, no matter what then you are a decent person and all decent people are better people and that is a fact.

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