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Do hemp dog treats actually work?

dogsIf you have a hyperactive, nervous or generally inconsistent dog that you want to calm down, dog treats are one of the easiest ways to give them something to focus on and help them relax. However, there’s a better solution than just a piece of meat or a small biscuit: hemp-infused dog treats get overlooked very often, but they can be a great way to keep your pets from getting anxious or stressed in day-to-day life. Unlike other “fixes”, they’re not just covering the problem up, and they can actually help your pooch feel more relaxed. But how do these calming dog treats work?

What do they do?

Aside from being regular dog treats that are tasty and exercise your pet’s facial muscles, hemp-infused dog treats like the KarmaPets CBD Treats have the benefit of treating dog anxiety without causing the same kind of drowsiness and sleepy feelings that other medications might. Since they’re treats, they’re not hard to apply, since you can either mix them in with existing meals or give them to your dog as a snack whenever they’ve been good. It’s up to you how they’re used, but as long as they’re given to your dog at the right dosage, you’ll start to see results very quickly.

The hemp/CBD in the treats turns them into calming dog treats, helping your pet relax by calming their nerves and making sure that dog anxiety isn’t going to creep up on them again. For example, if they get stressed by people walking past a window and constantly bark at visitors, some hemp-infused dog treats will mellow them out and make them more content to just sit and watch. If your dog is injured and gets dog anxiety from a leg wound that can never fully heal, these dog treats might dull the pain and help them sleep soundly.

How do I use them?

Using these calming treats is easy, but you need to make sure you don’t give them out too often. Like all kinds of medication or treatments, too much can be harmful, so finding the proper dosage is important. Take KarmaPets CBD Treats, for example – depending on the size, breed, weight and current health of your dog, you’ll have to adjust how many of these dog treats you give them, since this directly affects the dosage they’re taking. Too little and the calming dog treats won’t work properly, too much and you might end up putting your pet in danger.

That’s really all you need to know. Make sure you follow the instructions on the packaging of the dog treats, just in case, since certain types might need to be used in specific ways.

Why do they work?

CBD and/or hemp products can provide a good level of stress relief by balancing out the chemicals and responses in human brains, and it also works for dogs in the same way! A dog that constantly licks at its arms or twitches from a dull pain will start to feel much better due to the way that their brain chemistry changes, essentially acting as a painkiller that also works on emotional states. It’s almost like using two different treatments at once: one to numb pain and relax muscles so that physical issues aren’t a problem, and another to relax the mind so that problems with emotional responses or unexplained anger can be dealt with.

Every animal can react differently to calming dog treats, so try to introduce them to your dog slowly and see how they progress. You don’t want to knock your dog out cold by giving them something that’s too strong, so always be ready to adjust the dose if you have to.

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