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Do free slots play and pay the same as real money versions?

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Online and mobile casino sites and apps are of course freely available these days, however they all tend to offer players free and real money versions of their casino games including their slot machines.

You may be wondering if free slots play and pay the same way as real money versions or whether they have been designed to return higher payout percentages to give demo mode players the illusion that they pay out more to lure players to play them for real money.

Some websites, like SOS Game, for example, rank the best free online slots available online and provide answers to any questions you may have about playing such games.

What slots can you play for free online?

You will be pleased to learn you can play all manner of different slot machines online for free and at no risk and when you do set about playing demo slots at most casino sites, they will give you an unlimited supply of free play credits too.

Classic and three reel slots tend to offer the most basic of playing sessions, for those games rarely come with bonus games and bonus features.

However, if you are eager to play slots which do offer free spins or pick and win bonus rounds, wheel spinning bonus games, or even pick and match styled feature rounds, you will be best advised to play video slot games.

Some casinos will let you play progressive slot games for free using demo mode credits, however due to the nature of those games and their live jackpots you often find that the jackpots are not activated when playing at no risk, as they are only available to real money players whose stakes feed the jackpots attached to them.

Which are the most entertaining free slots?

The age old question of just which free slots are going to be the best and most entertaining ones to play is one that only you can answer of course, for each slot player will have their own ideas of just what makes one slot more appealing to them than any other slot.

However, if you are after a fully rounded and exciting slot playing experience, you may be best advised to consider playing the ones that come with more than one bonus game or bonus features.

Video slots do of course tend to be the ones that are best famed for having such feature rounds, and as such they will often be the ones that will deliver to you a much more exciting type of slot playing experience.

When playing for real money however, the slots offering huge and ever rising progressive jackpots offer the most excitements, for there will always be a chance you could win a life changing jackpot when playing them.

Can you play for free and win real money?

Thanks to some extremely well throughout out promotional offers, many casino sites will give you the chance of winning real money even when playing their range of slot machines for free and at no risk.

Take for example the casino sites offering a no deposit type of sign up bonus offer, by simply registering as a new customer of those sites you are given free credits to play their range of slot games, and as per their respective set of terms and conditions, any winnings that you achieve when playing off those credits can be awarded to you as real money credits.

Many casino sites now offer free to enter slot tournaments too, and they are a great way to play slot machines online at no cost and at no risk whatsoever but give you the chance of winning real money credits, if you manage to get your name on the list of players who win the most in any such slot tournament.

Some casinos will also let you play for free for an hour or so and any winnings then get converted into a sign up bonus, however you often need to then make a deposit to get those bonus credits added to your account, and they often come with a set of play through requirements too.

Story by Jacob Atkinson

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