Do blue light glasses actually work?

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Blue light glasses are a hot topic, but have you ever looked into the reasoning behind the fad? The light we see as white is composed of different red, blue, indigo, yellow, green, violet, and orange light, each transmitted in a different wavelength. Many might be surprised to learn that blue light comes from the sun, fluorescent lights, LED lights, and the screens of computers and other electronic devices.

Blue light and the rest of the color spectrum lights have an essential role in our perception, but over-exposure to blue light can harm your health. Digital eye strain is one of the most common effects of blue light exposure. Apart from the soreness and irritation associated with eye strain, blue light can lead to long-term damage of retinal cells.

There are several ways to mitigate your exposure to blue light and protect your eyes. The first is simply limiting the time you spend in direct sunlight or in front of screens. You could put blue light filters on the devices that emit them. A more comprehensive solution would be to invest in a pair of blue light glasses.

But are these glasses all they’re cracked up to be? Or is blue light itself even as harmful as some suggest?

What research experts say

Computer vision syndrome is a term coined to label various eye conditions that arise from staring at a bright screen for too long from close quarters. When you’re so focused on that video you’re editing or article you’re writing, you blink less than you usually do. In this way, you deprive your eyes of the liquid film of protection that tears provide. As a result, you could experience some discomfort in your eyes and your vision may become blurred.

If you feel a headache after working on your computer for some time, the blue light from the screen could induce eye strain. Gazing intently at a bright screen close to your eyes without any filter can easily lead to eye strain. This is a sign that your eyes are working too hard to focus.

Prolonged exposure to bright light (including sunlight) over long periods can contribute to your developing age-related macular degeneration. This condition is a leading cause of vision loss in Americans above 50 years of age. It happens when the central part of the retina, the macula, becomes damaged, causing the center of your field of vision to become blurry.

Are blue light glasses worth it?

Now that you know the threat posed by blue light to your eye health is real, you might wonder if blue light glasses can help you deal with this threat. You might also wonder if it is worth it to buy a product that deals with just one eye health risk rather than one that offers overall protection.

The COVID-19 pandemic brought with it lockdowns, forcing people to interact more through devices, meaning increased screen time. Even with the easing of the so-called COVID protocols, many people are still meeting and working remotely with the help of sundry digital devices. Some ophthalmologists report improvements in the eye health of heavy computer users after wearing blue light glasses for some time. Some blue light glasses users also note that they can work longer without being weighed down by the effects of eye strain.

Eyewear like Tom Ford sunglasses for men and women promise to keep you looking chic while keeping those harmful blue light rays away from your eyes. You can find glasses in various designs to go with practically any look you dig out of your wardrobe.

But that trendy look blue light glasses offer comes at a price and sometimes a steep one at that. You can’t be faulted for balking at the idea of digging deep for glasses that filter out just one type of light. Some eye experts feel that expenditure may be completely unjustifiable as they feel that not enough research has been completed regarding the effectiveness of blue light glasses. Regulating your face time with electronic devices, using them safely from your eyes and applying eye drops from time to time can also be effective in combating eye strain.

Do your homework

There are undeniable benefits to using blue light glasses. Have fun and purchase glasses in a style you enjoy wearing every day. However, remember to also manage your screen time to prevent eye problem down the line.

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