DMV urges Nissan, Infiniti owners to heed recall

dmv virginiaMore than 20,000 Virginians have not yet taken action on a critical airbag recall on certain models of Nissan and INFINITI vehicles.

The Virginia DMV and Nissan/INFINITI urge owners of these vehicles to schedule a free repair immediately.

“The safety of all motorists on Virginia’s roadways is our top priority,” said Secretary of Transportation Shannon Valentine. “We are sounding the alarm because this recall is urgent. This recall repair could save your life or the lives of those you love.”

If the airbags deploy, they could explode and spray sharp metal fragments, or shrapnel, toward you and your passengers. The repair is free, and parts are available now at your local dealership. Additionally, free alternate transportation may be available to help minimize wait time and inconvenience.

If your vehicle is on this list:

  • Confirm if your specific vehicle is currently affected by checking your vehicle identification number (VIN) at
  • Immediately contact a local Nissan or INFINITI dealership to schedule a free repair. Ask for free alternative transportation if necessary.
  • For Nissan: Visit or call 1-888-355-4567 to find your nearest Nissan dealership.
  • For INFINITI: Visit or call 1-888-366-9020 to find your nearest INFINITI retailer.
  • If you think you have already taken action on the recall, or you are not sure, visit and enter your vehicle information number (VIN) to ensure that there are no active recalls for your vehicle.

Nissan/INFINITI is one of 19 vehicle manufacturers affected by this recall. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports several confirmed deaths in the United States and hundreds of alleged injuries resulting from this defect.

Auto manufacturers send notices of important safety recalls to registered vehicle owners. However, many owners ignore the notices or do not keep their current DMV vehicle registration addresses up to date. As such, some Virginians may not realize that their vehicle has been added to the recall as NHTSA has continued to study the situation. As an added layer of protection, DMV has partnered with Nissan/INFINITI to send letters to approximately 20,000 Virginians who have not yet had these defective airbags repaired.

“Please encourage your family and friends to routinely check for vehicle recalls at,” said DMV Commissioner Richard D. Holcomb, the Governor’s Highway Safety Representative. “Thousands of Virginians are driving these vehicles right now and may have no idea just how dangerous these defective airbags could be in a crash.”

The VIN needed to confirm if a vehicle is affected may be found in the top left corner of the vehicle’s dashboard through the windshield or on your vehicle registration card.

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