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Discover the best ways to groom your dog at home

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You know exactly how deep your love for these four-footed companions can go if you own a dog. Coming home from work or the grocery store is always a delight as you walk into their smiling faces and wagging tales. There isn’t anything quite like the loyalty and love that you can get from a canine companion, and because of that, you want to take care of them as well as you can.

Taking care of your dog isn’t just about showing them how much you love them, but it’s about treating them the way they deserve to be treated. Every day these faithful animals live to serve us and make our lives better, so finding ways to improve their life is something that will have significant returns.

You can help improve your dog’s life by discovering ways to groom them from home to keep them happy and healthy for the long haul. So if you have been wondering about the best ways to groom your dog from home, here is everything you need to know.

Grooming is a lifestyle

The first step to learning how to groom your dog from home is to realize that it’s a lifestyle decision. It means that your dog takes consistent habits that pay off over a long period. There’s no way around it, as much fun as dogs can be. Grooming your dog is one of the most taxing parts of owning your pet. So finding rhythms that work for you and your schedule is the first step.

This might look like a weekly rinse and a monthly bath, or maybe it looks like regular fur management every weekend to stay on top of their shedding. Whatever it is, figure out what your schedule allows, and then make accomplishable goals for you and your dog.

The tools matter

One of the main things you have to consider is the level of effort it takes to groom your dog from home. Now, there is always the groomer’s choice, and for some people, that is the only option. Schedules can get tight, and sometimes you need the help and convenience of dropping your dog off for professional grooming; however, that can get pricy. Not only that, but practicing healthy grooming habits with your dog is a great way to bond with them, and it’s something pet owners miss out on who solely rely on the groomer.

This is where having the right tools for the job can make all the difference. That means investing in quality brushes, shampoos, and nail trimmers that can make your grooming experience so much better. One area you’ll never compromise on one area once you try it is natural dog shampoo.

By using high-quality, natural dog shampoo, you and your dog are healthier. Cheap, chemical-filled shampoos can run the risk of creating dry skin and infections. Think about the shampoo you use and actively avoid shampoos that make you feel gross afterward.

When you use natural, organic, high-quality shampoo, you are promoting the best health for your dog’s fur and skin, but you are getting their coat to be more shiny, soft, and luxurious than it ever has. Natural dog shampoo is a win-win for everyone involved.

Beef up your in-between game

No matter what sized dog you have, bathing them and practicing proper grooming is always a chore. But, some weeks, you won’t have the time for it, and you won’t want to take them to the groomer. So, get solid products designed for the off week that you can’t bathe your dog but need attention.

Most dog owners know that the park or their favorite hikes and walks mean a lot of sweat, mud poodles, and mess. Dogs like to have fun, and allowing them to run around in the park and get messy is part of the joy of having a dog. But when this happens on a busy week, using a dry shampoo that can absorb oil and odor is a great way to bridge the gap till you have the capacity for a real bath time.


The most important part of learning how to groom your dog well is to have patience with both yourself and your furry friend. Each dog is different, and every fur family is unique, so figuring out what works for you will take some trial and error. However, with great equipment, quality soap, shampoo, and a solid in-between plan, you’ll master dog grooming in no time.

Story by Chris Johnson

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