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Dickie Bell: Pro-business, pro-life, pro-Second Amendment

First elected in 1996 to the Staunton City Council, where he stayed for 13 years, Dickie Bell has been serving in the Virginia General Assembly since 2009.

As a part of our citizen legislature, Mr. Bell plays a part in making local laws in the state, but does not do so all year-round. The session he works with last for two months over winter, and no member is involved year-round. For the remainder of the year, the representatives reside within their own respected districts and continue on with similar work.

“I try to make laws that are meaningful,” Bell said, “by listening to their (the people he represents) wants and needs.”

Before his political career began, Bell was a high school special education teacher. However, despite his political career, he did not leave his job until two years ago. While at the school he coached soccer and basketball.

Mr. Bell did not go looking for the political career he has today, but was rather supported years ago back in 1996 to run for office. “Ever since, I’ve had the same encouragement and support,” said Bell.

“Pro-business, pro-life, pro-Second Amendment, also pro-education, those are the things that have always been important to me,” said Bell when asked to give a brief description of his party beliefs.

During the interview, Bell was kind enough to elaborate on his stance on education by saying, “I have some ideas, and I’m not looking to tear it apart, but there are some ways.”

“I really don’t have one,” said Bell when asked about his personal life. Most of Mr. Bell’s time is spent at public appearances or doing legislative work. He says one of his greatest retreats is teaching Sunday school at his church.

“My personal life is made up of the same things my public life is: just meeting people and finding ways to help them,” said Bell in a heartwarming statement about what he does.

Bell said “he probably will” run for re-election next year.

Story by Jacob Andrew/ intern

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