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Developed a new app? Here are the best working techniques to rank in App Store

A developer can build any app, but when it comes to making publicity and popular a SEO expert is needed. A decade back, there was this crazy about Search Engine Optimization, I mean everyone wanted to get ranked higher compared to other search results on search engines. Well, that craze still continues, with a bit of modification. I mean this decade is becoming like the app decade, every company, industry or even a website has an app for itself, so now the question arises how to get higher rankings in the app store?

Just like the Search Engine Optimization, App Store Optimization is also extremely important, because unless you are ranking above your competitors, no one will download your App, so there won’t be any benefit of you having the app, and in the process you are losing a lot of clients, visitors, or whatever that is you’re looking for.

Just being honest, if you have an app, you just need to get it above your competitors, that’s the natural human instinct to be better than the others, right? So that is what I will discuss in this article, how to get your app to rank higher than other competitors in the app store.

Now, there are two methods to rank up about others in the app store; the first is doing it all manually I mean just like you can optimize your posts, pages for search engines. Similarly, you can optimize the apps for better writing manually. While the second option is going to a company, I mean a company which will do the job for you.

I will discuss both the options with you, but first of all, let’s go with the SEO company option.

Getting Higher Rankings Using Companies    

The reason I include this above the manual optimization is because manual optimization consumes time, and you might not exactly be an expert optimizer for the app stores, right?

Also, if you are spending a fortune, or at least couple bucks on your app I think it’s totally worth investing with company too because this is the final blow to the nail, and this is what will get to exposure, get you noticed,  and will get you downloads, right?

I don’t like talking fairy tales, so I want to go describing each and every company out there for you. Instead, I’ll just refer you to the one company I’ve worked with and happily satisfied with.

When it comes to service provider, I would like to recommend Linkshake which is one of the most reliable companies dedicated to helping app developers to get higher ranking in the app store and boost app downloads. What have you to do? Nothing, they do whatever needs to be done, all you have to do is sitting back.

So yeah that’s the one company I can vouch for my name for, but if you’re still interested in the manual methods, let’s talk about some:-

Manual Optimization to Getting Ranked Higher in App Stores

Make sure you optimize the following as discussed to see significant results.

  1. The title of the App: Just like a web page, the primary keyword you’re targeting must be present in the title of the app; there are just no ifs or buts about it.
  2. Description of the App:You need to describe what your app is about, and again, the primary keyword needs to appear naturally inside the description.
  3. CTR Rates: When your app is ranking “anywhere” for a keyword, it ranks higher and gets more organic clicks. However, if it gets ignored, it moves further down the list. Therefore, make sure you are getting enough clicks on the apps from whatever it’s position might be to boost it up.
  4. Deletion Frequency:Make sure your app doesn’t get deleted too often. If it doesn’t, it’s going to its doomsday because AppStore takes that quite seriously.
  5. Updates: Well if you want to rank higher, or at least maintain your position, you can’t miss updates. Without updates, app store takes it as a “dead app”, and well that’s when it does die.

So yeah, those were the most basic metrics you need to focus on if you want your app to be ranked anywhere near a “downloadable” screen results. But then again, I’d say, the rankings consist of a lot more than just those 5 points.That’s where digital marketing companies like Linkshake can help you out. Hope that solved your problems with How to Get Higher Ranking in App Store? Right? Yeah, I hoped so.

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