Designing your own shirt

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People are unaware of the fact that they can design their shirt according to their demand. Most of the people just go to the market and buy the shirts available there. But, now you do not just have to go to market and buy any Vlone shirt. You can design your shirt easily according to your likes. There are many things which you must keep in mind while designing your own shirt. Some of them are as follows.

Choosing the best template

It is most important that you must choose a best and unique template for your shirt. This will help in making your shirt more unique and attractive to others. So, choosing the unique and best template is very important.

Selection of colors

The second most important thing while designing your shirt is the selection of good colors which will suit you when you wear your designed shirt. This is also very important because the final look of the shirt depends upon the color of the shirt. You must actively choose the color. If your color is dark then you should choose the color of the shirt according to your skin color. And if the color of your skin is fair then you should choose the color of the shirt accordingly. You can also choose the combination of colors in your shirt. But never use a lot of colors because it will make your shirt look funny and in the end your design will fail.

Using best quality ink for printing

It is also very important that you buy a very good quality ink for printing on your shirt because when you wash your shirt then it must stay on your shirt. It is only possible when the ink you selected for printing is of best quality.

Using best quality fabric

Fabric is the most important part while designing your shirt. This is because when you buy a bad quality of fabric then it will not give you good results after printing and the shirt may not look good on you. But if you buy a good quality fabric then the printing results on it will be good and you will get a fine printed shirt. Fabric is also very important because it gives you protection from the weather. So, choosing the best quality of fabric is also very important while designing your shirt.


Shirts reflects your personality so, you must wear good designed shirts. You can design your shirts by yourself or you can order it from some online store or website. is a place where you can get designed and printed shirts. You can also design your shirts by giving instructions online. All you have to do is go to the store or website, select the fabric and design which you want on your shirt. After this you will receive your designed shirt at your door when it is ready. It is very simple and easy. You can get any type of design on your shirt.

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