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Desert safari Dubai packages let you explore the best tourist spots

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Do you know anything about the capital city of the United Arab Emirates? Dubai is the capital of the UAE and the most amazing city of buildings in the Persian Gulf. Here you will see exotic nightlife, dazzling skyline together with grimy rich experiences. But one thing that stays above all is desert safari Dubai.

In the huge Arabian Desert, a full day experience and historic night contains safaris, natural world scenes on a Land Rover while passing an evening inundated in amusement in the middle of the desert in an Arabic tent along with by the majesty of nature.

So what makes a desert safari in Dubai a tremendous experience?

Do you have any idea about it? Let’s find out:

Rich experiences and the immensity of the Arabian desert in the middle of sand dunes and a vast range of thrilling actions day in and out make a desert safari Dubai a lifetime experience. Start with photography tours, quest instilled night safari, exploratory Dubai desert safari experience, and an unforgettable night out in the frosty desert with all lit in blue.

Morning Desert Safari Dubai

It comprises of the following things:

Sunrise – Hold the Sun Rise from the Dunes

The place where you must go at dawn, is the huge Arabian Desert, as the Sun shines the blazing and appears as a biggest near prospect. Stare at the golden beauty and relax in the extreme environment. Definitely, the morning is the most picturesque scene that you will experience in the desert.

Dubai Holiday Packages

Always travel Dubai in the super-luxury protocol. Don’t forget to visit the grand Burj Khalifa or the Palm Islands that are breathtaking. Experience dhow cruise, Dubai City Tour, International Buffet Dinner, Abu Dhabi City Tour, and Ferrari World – book your tour with the best company in Dubai.

Dune Bashing – Explore the Arabian Desert

In a 4×4 SUV, morning jeep safari in the middle of the huge Arabian Desert and from the way through the breezy storm and sand in Dubai is an exhilarating activity of the best desert safari. Most often, the jeep picks you up from the camp or your doorstep and takes you for an enlivening rid that lasts for around half an hour.

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Most thrilling among all is the exclusive Hummer Desert Safari that you can avail by the travelers when you pay additional charges.

Camel Safari – Have an Amusing Wander in the Desert

Usually, the camel safari is a morning safari in Dubai that lets you have an enticing ride of around 45-minute. As you ride the camel band, tour the Dubai desert safari and discover the desert wildlife. Another great magnetism of the camel desert safari is the Falcon demonstration, where you can walk around getting photographed with the stunning birds.

Sanki Ski – Experience the Ride in the Desert Sand

In Dubai, the faultless extend of sand provides an opportunity for sand skiing. It is an enticing escapade sport, which is amazing. As high as 200 to 300 meters, a few dunes are there that are perfect for sand skiing. You may feel like the sand is under your skis as you slither down swiftly. In the desert, it becomes an ultimate fun activity.

Quad Biking – Ride like an Expert

In the Arabian Desert, when you ride a quad bike, it counts on the most exciting things to do on a desert safari in Dubai. Around the curls and edges, you can ride and discover the desert just as you are an expert. The perfect adventure for the enthusiasts is the quad biking on a Dubai tour.


Hot Air Ballooning – Historic Ride

With Hot air balloon activity, you will have an ideal 360-degree scene of the enormous Arabian Desert. The hot air balloon can hold up to 24 people at a time once adrenaline rush induces as it glides high up in the air presenting impressive views. The wildlife mainly consists of animals like camels and gazelles can be found in the area of nearby.

Perfect Desert Safari Camps in Dubai

Undoubtedly, the experience of desert safari stands out. It is because of the fantastic options to stay in the heart of the desert. In these stays, you will enjoy music, night camping, delicious food, and dance. Why don’t you plan a stay? Hurry up and enjoy the thrill.

Experiencing the best of desert safari in Dubai is such an amazing activity that stands far away from the splendid nights, lights, and skyscrapers in the capital city of Arabs.

Get up and confirm your tour to enjoy the extraordinary experience.

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