Derrick Parks: Small-business owners will help decide the 2012 election

With the election a month away and as the nation prepares to watch the debates between our two presidential candidates, small-business owners will be listening for what the tewo candidates have to say about the next four years as our nation’s economy continues to recover from the recession that occurred in 2008.

Small-business owners, both as a voting block and as the economic engine of America, will have the important and decisive vote in this year’s elections.  Their voices will be heard.

Small-business owners and entrepreneurs are the job-creation engine of America, employing more than half of America’s workers and creating more than 60 percent of all new jobs over the past 15 years and yet they are currently facing uncertainty in the current economic climate. Main Street is tired of political parties and candidates fighting one another and continually engaged in a political tug of war while nothing gets accomplished in Washington, D.C. As someone that talks to small businesses and entrepreneurs, I can say with certainty that we are sick and tired of the mentality of kicking the can down the road, with the single focus of most politicians being their next election.

As we listen to President Obama and Gov. Romney small business owners will be listening to what these two candidates have to say specifically about the issues and topics that concern and affect us every day. Don’t just tell us that you will be helping small business owners and entrepreneurs and but explain and show us how as well. The clock is ticking and its time that our candidates and Washington present us with real meaningful solutions to our everyday real problems and challenges that small business owners face on Main Street every day.

Whether it was the debt-limit fight or not having an honest debate on entitlement spending, all we are seeing is the rich get richer while small-business owners are left to fend for themselves. Government-fueled uncertainty is hindering businesses when it comes to making hiring decisions, planning for the future, and ultimately leading an economic recovery. It’s time for our two presidential candidates to directly speak to us and tell us what they will do and then we as small business owners and entrepreneurs will decide which candidate will best be able to lead to our country and help bring jobs to Main Street one job at a time.

Derrick Parks is the CEO of Metropolitan Protective Services Inc.

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