Democrats are leading in terms of popularity in Virginia

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After extensive research of the Virginian voting community by the Wason Center for Public Policy at Cristopher Newport University, it was concluded that the state was heavily favoring Democrat candidates compared to the now in-charge Republicans.

The polls were done according to the most relevant political as well as social and economic issues in the country, including the state of Virginia itself. However, compared to last year’s polls, it was obvious that voters from Virginia were starting to consider the nation at large when basing their political opinions.

For example, 53% of all of the people surveyed said that they’d much rather see Democrats return to the position of power, and only 37% preferred Republicans to remain.

Several other topics such as Gun control, healthcare, and minimum wage have also been tackled, which were all overwhelmingly supported by Democrat ideals.

For example, 83% of the people surveyed said that they would like to have everybody’s background checked before being approved for possessing and carrying a firearm. 67% said that it would be great regarding Assault weapons as well.

66% said that they would be inclined to support a candidate who wanted to introduce the $15/hour minimum wage in the state, which is more of a Democrat policy rather than Republican.

But, in terms of Medicare for all, which is now a stable campaigning topic for most Democrat presidential candidates for the 2020 elections, most of the people surveyed said that they would be much less likely to support a candidate who pushes such a policy. Only 36% of the people surveyed said they’d happily support somebody campaigning for better healthcare.

What about the business sectors in the country?

Although the minimum wage was more than enough to get the general idea what voters from Virginia wanted from the local economy to give them, it was also asked what industries were becoming more and more enticing for the local populace.

Strong support for alternative media was shown by the younger interviewees who say that they get most of their information from digital news websites rather than state-commissioned or privatized news channels.

This is quite understandable as sports live streaming has been growing in popularity in Virginia, thus introducing most of the older population to the digital sphere. This was also perceived as an amazing way to avoid any kind of media manipulation and divide the market share across multiple private providers.

Other than that, the polls show that voters in Virginia will be much more welcoming to further regulations should the $15/hour be implemented.

Does Virginia support the current government?

The final and most important question from the survey was regarding the current administration governing the country.

Only 37% of interviewees said they approve of Trump’s current policies, and 59% said they would be a lot less likely to vote for a candidate that supports the president.

Overall, the state of Virginia seems to be on a trajectory to supporting the Democrats not only in the 2020 elections but also for the upcoming legislature positions.


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