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DeLonghi Magnifica espresso machine features

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DeLonghi Magnifica has made an espresso machine that makes a truly beautiful cup of brew that can literally have your hair standing up but give you the smoothest and richest experience possible. If you’re looking to buy an almost professional machine that you can have right in your kitchen, then this is definitely the right product with the best features that you can find!

In this guide, we’re going to talk about how you can own one of these bad boys and  be able to give yourself delicately controlled espresso and what some of the key features are that make it truly shine. Oh, and did we mention that it’s got a nice polished steel look (speaking of shine) even though it’s all plastic?

Beautiful Controls

Everyone loves being able to control their brew with precision and accuracy. The control panel on the DeLonghi Magnifica ESAM3300 gives you full control with numerous menu settings, and you can make the strength that you’re wanting. The coffee itself is a solid 4 out of 5 stars if you’re truly rating it of course. When you’re brewing with this espresso machine, it’s not bland or boring to say the least.

One of the biggest benefits that bring out the full controls of this machine is the 60-oz water tank. That’s a large amount of water that allows you to brew numerous shots of creamy espresso, and because the tank is towards the front, it makes it easy to put just about anywhere on your counter. The downside of course is that if you’re wanting filtered water, you need to provide that yourself (or you could always just use bottled water that you purchase from the store). It also has a reheating feature that allows you to have a quick heating of the water so you can easily brew your next shot of espresso in a short amount of time (and you don’t have to wait forever).

Automatic Grinding

One thing that also sets the Magnifica apart from others, is that it has special burrs built into the brewing system that allows you to have instantly ground coffee beans – and of course, this is fully programmable as well. There are up to seven settings to choose from, so you can have course, or even perfectly finely ground coffee whenever you want it. Most espresso machines that you can have on your countertop don’t even have this feature, which makes the Magnifica a must for anyone’s home.


When you’re looking for one of the best espresso machines that can literally grind and brew right out of the box (with minimal setup of course), you can’t go wrong with the DeLonghi Magnifica. It has a milk brother, and even an easy cleaning feature that literally set it apart from almost all competing home espresso machines on the market. You may need to be careful and keep an eye out for calcium deposits since you can’t fit a water filter onto it, but if you use mostly filtered water to eliminate this, there shouldn’t be a problem.