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Delivery of new Toter trash carts to begin on Monday in Harrisonburg

Image courtesy City of Harrisonburg.

Toter trash carts are scheduled to be delivered to Harrisonburg residents starting on Monday, with all Toters expected to be delivered to the address they will service by April 20.

Harrisonburg Public Works announced the program last year in an effort to bring an easier, cleaner way for residents and some businesses to put out their trash.

“It has taken more than a year to plan the Toter trash program and prepare for its implementation,” Harrisonburg Public Works Services Manager Harsit Patel said. “So, we are excited to be bringing an improved level of service to The Friendly City.”

The new Toter trash cart program offers numerous benefits, including:

  • Ease of use for citizens
  • Improved curb appeal on “trash day” by making sure everyone has a large, uniform trash cart instead of placing bags on the ground
  • Creating progress toward the city’s Environmental Action Plan goals
  • Increased employee safety by reducing the amount of lifting staff has to endure
  • Cleaner streets and stormwater systems (thanks to enclosed, lidded trash carts keeping debris out of the city road and stormwater ways)
  • Improved collection operations and efficiency

The retrofitting of the sanitation trucks with the Toter “tippers” has been completed, enabling crews to begin collecting trash in the new Toter trash carts immediately. It takes less than 10 seconds to tip up, empty, and tip down a trash cart, and each truck is now equipped with two tippers making the process of collecting trash quicker and less strenuous on staff.

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