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Delicious gluten-free snacks

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Our appetites are continually evolving for the last few decades, thanks to a significant intermix of cultures that have provided us with many unique flavors. The fusion of these flavors has led to more research into foods and how they impact our health. However, some things have always been there, and all the research has finally surfaced for us to see. Among those discoveries are several potential problems as well that have been plaguing us more and more in recent years. And there is one more thing called gluten, a food element that can lead to many problems.

Nutritionists and medical professionals have been continuously working on finding out how we can eradicate gluten from our diets without losing the benefits that it could provide. Thankfully, plenty of food options have been derived, and many of them are simply amazing. One place where gluten seemed to rule was snacks, as most snacks are made of rich products in gluten. If you are looking for unique snacks while avoiding gluten, this list is exactly what you need.

1. Mid-day squares

If you love snacking on chocolate and wanted a snack that you could eat guilt-free, then this is the best thing you can get. Mid-Day squares are actual squares of energy that you can snack on at any time during the day. They have pure chocolate in them, but that is where things change. To ensure that this “upgraded protein bar” is prepared without any gluten, a range of carefully selected ingredients is used to turn it into the perfect healthy snack. You can enjoy it after lunch, after a workout session, or even while watching your favorite show at night.

2. Turkey-wrapped cheese sticks

If you feel hungry or low on energy, then this protein-filled gluten-free snack will do you loads of good. Turkey breasts are gluten-free, and you can easily wrap them around a cheese stick, which can then be fried to make them crispy and gooey. The best cheese choice would be cheddar as that can provide a good flavor burst while being relatively low on lactose as well, which is suitable for people with lactose intolerance.

3. Grass-fed beef jerky

If your carnivorous side is calling you, but you do not want to eat something that could have gluten in it, then we recommend going for jerky, precisely one that is either marked as grass-fed or gluten-free. These things were a bit rare in the past, but now you can easily find them anywhere. Not only is it a filling snack to have, but you also get more omega-3 and antioxidants if you use grass-fed beef.

4. Apple, walnut instant oatmeal

Oats are nature’s gluten-free alternative to wheat, and therefore you can eat them whenever you like. However, you need to make sure that it is not mixed with regular wheat grains and is entirely pure. Using those oats, you can easily create a healthy snack anytime, and for an added burst of flavor, you can add some walnuts and apple chunks as well. Cinnamon is also an excellent addition to this concoction, and you can add your favorite gluten-free nuts and fruits as well.


These are only a few of the countless snack options that you can find these days that are gluten-free. They usually have many other benefits added to them as well, which also makes for a guilt-free snacking experience. Try the ones mentioned here and let us know which one you liked best. If you have any suggestions of your own, then we would love to hear those as well.

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