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Decor trends: African mudсloth in your home decor

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Mudcloths are beautifully made African textiles. They are originally from Mali, where they are referred to as Bogolanfini or Bogolan. They are simple yet elegant, which is why you’ll find them in many modern homes.

Homeowners and interior designers who love Africa inspired styles will agree that these Malian textiles are chic and stylish. They are the hottest trend in home décor, and they can be used in various ways to make your interior pop. For instance, you can use mudcloth to make a beautiful mudcloth pillow cover or a cushion cover.

But what other ways can your rock mudcloth in your home decor? Here are some more ideas.

1. Mudcloth upholstery

Give your old rock chair a new look by using mudcloth as an upholstery. The stunning tribal prints in this fabric will give your chair a fresh look.

Remove the old upholstery pieces and, using staples and fabric glue, reupholster your chair with the mudcloth material and watch it transform right before your eyes.

2. Beautiful dog bed

You can make a unique and glamorous bed for your pet using mudcloth.

Make a huge pillow by cutting two large rectangles of mudcloth fabric and sewing them together on three sides. Choose a stuffing material such as memory foam, old towels, or aromatic wood chips and fill the pillow with any of these fillings. Once done, stitch up the fourth side, and your dog bed is ready for use.

3. Throw pillows

Mudcloth makes beautiful throw pillows. The material, which is cotton, is also soft and thick, ensuring you’re comfortable when you snuggle next to your pillow.

You can also update your current pillows with mudcloth material to make them look as good as new.  Besides, you can use a mudcloth blanket to complement your throw pillows and give your bed an elegant look.

4. Mudcloth pouf

Mudcloth poufs are perfect for sitting or resting your feet. There are also décor pieces as they add a spark to a dull room.

A mudcloth pouf can also be centered between sofas or side chairs, so it acts as a table to hold wine glasses or magazines. You can also add the pouf to your kid’s bedroom for extra seating or as a comfortable spot for your child.

5. Mudcloth as wall decors

Large hand-woven mudcloth make cool pieces of art due to their unique tribal patterns.  As a wall décor, this textile adds character to any blank or dull wall.

You can buy your mudcloth wall hanging or make one yourself.

For a DIY mudcloth wall decor you’ll need:

  • A hand-woven mudcloth
  • A thin wooden dowel
  • Macramé cotton cord
  • Fabric double-sided tape

Follow the instructions below for your DIY mudcloth wall hanging.

  • Position the wooden dowel onto your fabric
  • Use sewing pins and secure the mudcloth to the dowel. Leave about ½ inch of extra fabric
  • Secure the fabric to the double-sided tape by placing the tape along the dowel
  • Remove the pins
  • Secure the macramé cord to your dowel, and your wall hanging is all done

6. Spice up your room with a mudcloth rag

When in doubt, you can always use your mudcloth as a rag to add a pop of color to your room. The vibrant tribal colors and patterns will undoubtedly spice up your living space.

In conclusion, mudcloth is trendy and hot. We’ve rounded up six ideas on how you can add this history-rich fabric to your home décor for that classy look.

Story by Amy Fischer

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