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Dealing with a car breakdown in a remote location? Here’s what you can do

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Dealing with a car breakdown can be extremely frustrating, even in your garage. Certainly, such problems in remote areas would be painful on a different level.

But how will worrying solve the problem anyway? To be prepared for breakdowns in remote areas, you need the right advice, and in this post, we are sharing the same.

Here are four tips that will help you when you are stuck with a broken-down vehicle in a remote location.

1. First of All, Turn to Your Left

In most cases, the driver gets to know about the problem slightly before it has overgrown. This means that before your car completely breaks down, you may get an indication, and if you do, you must try to park your vehicle on the left side of the road. This will allow the rest of the traffic to pass comfortably and will also safeguard you from further trouble (indeed, the middle of the road isn’t the safest place to diagnose your car).

If your car has stopped all of a sudden, you should turn on the parking lights and slowly push it to the side to avoid accidents. Studies show that a large number of accidents happen due to sudden part failure(s).

2. Always Travel with Essentials

Whether you are stuck on an endless highway or high up in the mountains, when you have essential items by your side, the struggle certainly trims down.

For example, if you have enough food and water supplies, you will be able to wait for help without panicking. Also, dehydration and lack of energy can hinder your thinking capabilities. As a result, you may have a tough time coming up with a solution.

What you should do is always travel with essential supplies by your side. Of course, you are traveling in a car, and you would have enough space to keep all the important stuff.

3. Carry Important Car Parts

When you know that you will be away from mechanics for a long time, it’s crucial to pack important car parts that you may have to replace.

From a backup tire to an additional car battery, from extra pairs of disc pads to spark plugs and an extra can of engine oil and gasoline, all these items should be there in your car.

Also, don’t forget to carry a toolbox. You are going to need tools to repair your car if the situation arises.

If you wish to buy top quality car parts at affordable prices, visit As the name suggests, the store has every car part that you may need.

4. Bring a Secondary Feature Phone

Many of us may not know the best thing about feature phones.

Regardless of the attractive features that modern smartphones offer, their circuitry is complex and doesn’t allow them to connect to networks in remote locations. This doesn’t happen with old feature phones. Their design and circuitry are simple, which enables them to get signals even in remote areas.

This means that when you are stuck on a mountain, your brand new iPhon* may not get networks to let you make a call. However, your old Noki* 1100 may manage to show sufficient signal strength.

And Bingo! Now you can call your roadside assistance service to help you out at the earliest.

Final words

Being stuck on a road with a broken car and no signs of help is among the most unpleasant and challenging experiences that you may come across. However, the situation isn’t entirely impossible. In this post, we shared four tips that will help you in such a situation.

Hopefully, you enjoyed reading this post and found it helpful.

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