David Urban’s firm American Continental Group recognized by Bloomberg Government

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Bloomberg Government recently recognized American Continental Group (ACG) as one of its standout lobbying firms of 2019. Based in Washington, D.C.

ACG is a 35-person team of lobbyists and their assistants. Led by David Urban, ACG has a broad client base and is an important member of the Washington lobbyist community.

ACG assists its clients in meeting their business goals, especially where lobbying the federal government is concerned. The federal government is able to give companies legislative and financial support when lobbyists step in and help to negotiate deals.

ACG’s expertise has attracted prominent clients from all sectors, including defense, financial services, healthcare companies, housing, and technology. ACG can also consult with clients on issues like taxes and government regulations.

Recognition from Bloomberg Government

Bloomberg Government recognized ACG as one of its standout lobbying firms of 2019. This recognition was data-driven and concerned with the revenue created by each team. The firms on the standout list were selected in terms of employee profitability, average revenue per client, revenue growth, and client retention. Bloomberg Government called attention to ACG’s solid metrics in its report.

The report was written by business journalists and data experts with strong qualifications. The report draws on both Bloomberg Government’s proprietary data and on reports about each lobbying firm’s activities. The report is available for free through Bloomberg Government’s website.

American Continental Group’s Line of Business
ACG specializes in helping companies with legislative and regulatory concerns. Using their government connections to negotiate with agencies, they are able to provide their clients with a high level of service. The company engages in lobbying and also works with companies to achieve mergers and acquisitions.

Since the firm is bipartisan, it will represent clients with any ideological background. In today’s divided political landscape, it is even more important that lobbyists have the ability to walk both sides of the aisle. They have a balanced perspective of the issues affecting their clients, whether they are working with a multi-billion-dollar corporation or with a large nonprofit.

The Importance of Lobbying Firms
A lobbying firm like ACG does more than promoting legislation. They can also be instrumental in negotiating government contracts and dealing with governmental affairs. Lobbying firms can deal with a wide variety of issues faced by their clients.

ACG also offers services regarding managing mergers and acquisitions. This challenging process involves many moving parts on behalf of both companies. Everyone involved in an M&A transaction needs to be persistent and ready to work for a number of years to accomplish their goals.

Mergers and acquisitions may require negotiating with the government at various levels and dealing with pushback. Firms like ACG are ready for the challenge of removing the obstacles that stand between clients and their goals.

Lobbying Has an Impact
While doing business with a lobbying firm is not necessarily inexpensive, there is a great value placed on their assistance. Forbes found that among the top 10 Fortune 100 companies, lobbying carries an incredible return on investment. For every $1 spent on lobbying, the companies received $1,000 in government funding and contracts. This means that lobbying is extremely cost-effective as a way of doing business.

The President of ACG, David Urban
David Urban has been involved with a number of different aspects of business and government. He began his career as a decorated officer in the U.S. Army and served in Operation Desert Storm.

He practiced law privately for a number of years before going on to become Senator Arlen Specter’s (R-PA) Chief of Staff. In this position, he made many connections and friendships in the Washington political establishment. These personal relationships enabled him to build his lobbying firm’s reputation and ensure a steady stream of clients.

Urban has also been a contributor at CNN through recent election cycles.

With such a broad-based career in the public and private sectors, Urban is able to work for clients from diverse areas of business and government. Understanding Washington requires experience and creativity, and ACG possesses both of these attributes.

ACG Primed for Success
Clients from a variety of industries have relied on ACG to meet their lobbying and regulatory needs. Bloomberg Government has drawn attention to the work of ACG through its 2019 report on lobbying firms. This report is based on data and actual performance statistics, making it more useful than rankings based on less concrete characteristics.

Lobbying firms work to remove some of the obstacles that get in the way of doing business. In order to succeed in today’s turbulent political waters, it is necessary to have as many connections as possible with industry and government figures.

Urban and ACG perform important services for their clients, and their influence will continue to be felt in Washington and beyond.


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