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David Reynolds: Beyond the courts

Walk past the statute of Winston Churchill on Massachusetts Avenue in Washington as he straddles American and British soil. Then take a left face off the avenue and into the compound. There at the back of the British Embassy, well hidden among the lovely high shrubs, are two superb tennis courts. Two more where my backhand is no better than in Lexington.

But for today – the day after – we are going beyond the courts to a large Dutch colonial house just off the embassy grounds. We are going to eavesdrop. We are going to invade the privacy of a VIP. We need to find out what political discussions are taking place inside.

Why is this house important? Especially today? Three reasons. The first two don’t count. It is a house bought by a former U. S. Senator from New York. It is now owned by a Secretary of State. And, three, it is quite likely to be sold due to a forced eviction notice. The owner may be forced to move downtown to a better address.

Inside, one simple question will be discussed: Do we go for it now? Or wait four more years? 2012 or 2016? There is no third choice. There cannot be. Not if you are a Clinton. And your first name is Hillary. And you are married to Bill.

Bill is No. 42. You wish to be No. 45. And you like other numbers. Such as last night’s. They give you the reason to go for it now. And save the party in the process.

There are no other Dems in your way. As if that mattered to a Clinton. Bill and Hillary have formed the perfect political match, if not the ideal marriage. But forget marriage. Our government certainly has. Washington loves anything that can keep those political talking heads, well, you know, talking. That’s show biz. DC style.

Yes, I know. The Clinton’s are a mismatch. But so what. Washington doesn’t care what the rest of the nation thinks. Even when it makes sense.

Maybe we should put our question this way. Eight days ago Ms. Hillary celebrated her 63rd birthday. Where? Only her hairdresser and her plane’s pilot knows for sure. Being the 67th U. S. Secretary of State looks good on any resume. But, being a Clinton it is not good enough. Being the first female president looks far better.

In 2016, at age 69, there may not be the desire to pad a resume. Strike that. The lady is married to Bill Clinton, the smartest politician who ever sat in the Oval Office. How smart? I’ll tell you. Bill just finished campaigning for about every Democrat this side of the Golden Gate Bridge. The party owes him – one big IOU to pass on to his wife. It will allow this power couple to do lunch sometime. But only after she redecorates her new office, the one without any corners. Bill will be right down the hall, just past the Roosevelt Room.

Why did this have to happen? Why did Mr. Obama have to mess up his first term before the halfway mark? Why did he not take his eight full years, years for the taking? No one would have noticed if he had let socialism just slowly creep into our daily lives. At least no one outside of the tea party movement. Not the elephant. Elephants just snort.

So our president blew it. And to be fair about this, so did “W” in his second term. Both got stuck with the same two tar babies. Too much spending. And too many illegals. First, the elephant got stuck. Then the donkey.

Yes, this president has done the impossible. Give him credit. He has united the Loyal Opposition Party, aka as the Republican Party. It means that the Republicans will face their worst fear: being forced to govern. That, as we all know, is the job of the Party of Government, aka the Democratic Party.

Oh, my gosh! Maybe the secret talks are not being held in DC. Maybe somewhere in upstate New York. (That is anywhere above 261st Street in the Bronx.) Or maybe in Bill’s office down in Harlem in the city. (There is only one city.) It doesn’t matter where. The only unanswered question is when. When will the Clintons strike? I say today. Today is the first day of the 2012 presidential campaign.

Column by David Reynolds