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David Imonitie: Sharing the golden rules of successful leadership

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There is always a demand for effective leaders in companies to drive teams forward. Employees need motivation and constant care to focus on their work. This makes it essential to have leaders in your company who can motivate everyone to work at their optimum level. But how can you become a successful leader? Here are a few golden rules from David Imonitie, an investor, success trainer, serial entrepreneur, and self-made multimillionaire that you can follow.

  1. Examining your motives

The first rule to successful leadership is to love the people you work with. Unless you have empathy and love towards your colleagues, leading a team can become challenging. After all, you are leading a team of humans and not robots. Like you, your colleagues have emotions. Your objective is to ensure their feelings don’t get hurt. That’s the thumb rule of leadership.

  1. Clarifying your decisions

David believes that many times you need to make decisions that may not match with your team members’ decisions. However, you cannot make any decision arrogantly. You need to logically explain to your team members why your plan has a broader perspective for your company. Clarifying your decisions at every stage allows your team members to trust you more. They will want to listen to your side of the story before commenting. It is also a way to respect your team members. David says that you need to respect others before expecting them to respect you.

  1. Learning to fail

A leader is an inspiration for everyone. David Imonitie always emphasizes the influence of his mentors, Holton and Earlene Buggs, and how they inspired him to become a better person. He believes that leaders should consider their failures as their pillars of success. It is not always possible to achieve success in every project. David failed in network marketing initially. However, he never allowed his failures to take him down. That’s a sign of a true leader. Leaders should learn to accept failures as they will guide you on the right path to success.

  1. Raising the BAR

A successful leader should have the company’s best interest at heart. Leading a team is about providing specific people specific jobs according to their skill-sets. It takes time to understand which team member excels in what department. Once you understand that, you need to categorize jobs according to their perspective. It will help to achieve your targets well within the deadline.

David Imonitie suggests that leaders should always raise the BAR after every project. According to David, BAR stands for Belief, Action, and Results. Your team members should believe in you and their abilities to finish their assigned tasks. They should take appropriate action according to their skill-sets to finish their job. Lastly, they should reflect on the results of their hard work to understand what they can do better in their next project.

Employees require appropriate guidance to showcase their skills. However, he/she should also be a humble learner to become a better leader. You cannot become David Imonitie in a day. It takes years of dedication and hard work to reach where he is today.

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