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Dave Sears explains how COVID-19 has affected powersports, motorcycles

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COVID-19 has had far-reaching impacts on every aspect of our lives. People have been subject to stay-at-home orders and curfews, and they have been restricted from visiting indoor dining establishments and movie theaters. Many people are chafing at these restrictions, but they are necessary to preserve public health.

People who enjoy powersports like riding motorcycles have seen an increase in the number of people interested in the sport. Motorcycle riding, in particular, lends itself well to social distancing regulations. Motorcycle enthusiasts are able to enjoy themselves on the open road without worrying about social distancing or mask regulations.

Dave Sears of Alamo Cycle Plex explains the effect that COVID has had on power sports, specifically motorcycle riding, and offers predictions about what could happen in the future.

Deciding when to ride

When stay-at-home orders are in place, riding a motorcycle for recreational purposes is fine. However, when shelter-in-place orders have been put into place, it is not recommended to ride your motorcycle unless you are going to work or doing necessary errands. Fortunately, most states have relaxed their restrictions since the summer of 2020.

People who ride motorcycles often ride in groups with their friends or families. It is necessary to be careful about social distancing within groups, even among close friends and family members. Don’t let someone from outside your household ride your bike with you and be sure that you maintain social distancing when you stop for a break. Alamo Cycle Plex can help riders plan their trips to be both safe and fun.

The dangers of empty roads

Vehicular traffic of all kinds dropped off significantly at the beginning of the pandemic in March 2020. Drivers felt as if they had the road to themselves, and they often took unnecessary risks. Be particularly careful around cars at this time, making sure that your following distance is safe. Cars will not always look for a motorcycle when they are turning, causing serious danger for riders.


Hand-washing is a necessity in the age of COVID-19. While the virus is most commonly spread through the air, it can also remain on surfaces both indoors and outdoors. Use caution when touching surfaces like gas pumps. If you do touch these surfaces, make sure that you do not touch your mask or your face before washing your hands. You can also use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer with at least 60 percent alcohol.

Avoiding indoor stops

One area of criticism that has been leveled at the motorcycle community is due to indoor gatherings at bars and restaurants. Dave Sears believes that motorcyclists need to take the same precautions with indoor dining and bar visits as everyone else. It may be better to eat outside rather than going into a crowded bar or restaurant. When you are inside, wear a mask when you are not eating or drinking at your table.

Increased commuting by motorcycle

Since the COVID pandemic began, more people have been commuting by motorcycle. Commuting by motorcycle is a great way to relax after a long day at work. As more offices and industries have reopened, higher ridership numbers have continued.

Commuters need to be equally careful on the roads, particularly where businesses are not open as drivers may be more careless.

The chance of catching COVID-19

COVID-19 is especially harmful to individuals with pre-existing medical conditions like asthma, diabetes, and high blood pressure. If you have one of these conditions, make doubly sure that you are careful with your health. When you ride, bring hand sanitizers and masks with you to use at each stop.

Experiencing open-road freedom

One of the aspects of motorcycle riding that most people enjoy is an opportunity to escape from their problems. Riding a motorcycle is relaxing and fun, and motorcycle riders understand how much it can add to your life.

As long as basic safety requirements are followed, it is safe to continue riding your bike during the pandemic. Having consideration for others’ health and wellness is important, and responsible riders will not carelessly spread the pandemic to others.

Final thoughts

Dave Sears of Alamo Cycle Plex understands how motorcycle enthusiasts feel about their hobby. Many people have made their hobby into a way of life. Motorcycle riders are equally likely to catch COVID-19 and spread it to others, so they should be a good example for the rest of the community and follow social distancing requirements.

As the pandemic begins to ease its grip, motorcycle riders will be able to enjoy themselves even more. They will be able to return to riding in close-knit groups and stopping to relax in a restaurant or bar. Motorcycle riders can do their part in keeping COVID-19 from spreading in the community.

Story by Madison Reed

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