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Curb your nicotine addiction with these steps

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Are you addicted to nicotine? Don’t worry; many people have been there at one point or the other.

Since nicotine-based products have many negative health implications, such as increased blood pressure, the sooner you stop the better. Here is a quick run-down of the steps that you can take to curb your nicotine addiction

What is Nicotine Addiction?

As mentioned previously, nicotine addictions are formed from the frequent use of substances containing this additive. As the brain and the body get used to nicotine exposure, it becomes harder to simply ‘quit’ as the body receives intense cravings to fulfill the ‘need.’

If you try to quit cold-turkey as an attempt to get over the addiction faster, you’re in for a rough ride. When the nicotine levels drop sharply within your bloodstream, you will become privy to various unpleasant bodily experiences. Moreover, there would be an emotional impact of the lack of nicotine, causing sleeplessness, irritability, and even decreased concentration.

All these signs are just proof that your body is focusing on getting its next nicotine fix.

Steps to Follow to Control a Nicotine Addiction

Despite facing such grim facts regarding nicotine addiction’s true nature, you don’t need to worry. Here are some steps that you can follow to help you get over the commanding influence of nicotine.

  1. Plan it Out: like dealing with many things in life, nicotine addictions can be curbed more effectively if you make the effort of mapping out an ‘escape’ plan. Your first step should be to evaluate what method of quitting you are likely to follow and then make a plan that you can stick to without too much difficulty.
  2. Stay Clear of Triggers: sometimes, exposure to cigarette smoke is enough to get a craving going. By avoiding things that trigger your smoking habit, you can manipulate your urges to grab a cigarette.
  3. Delaying Tactics: you shouldn’t quit cigarettes cold-turkey. That is just setting you up for a quick relapse; instead of stopping or even curbing your habit should be a gradual process. Whenever you feel the urge to smoke, you should put off having a cigarette for as long as possible to help your body learn how to fight the cravings.
  4. Alternatives: after avoiding triggers and delaying your nicotine fix, remember to use a substitute for actual tobacco cigarettes that are less addictive. Suitable options to replace tobacco cigarettes include hemp cigarettes and nicotine patches.
  5. Work up a Sweat: one of the most effective ways to manage the urge to go back for a cigarette is to distract your body and mind through physical activity. You can either hit the gym for an intensive workout or go to the nearest running track for a quick sprint. Your body will produce enough endorphins that might be enough to help you get over any cravings.


Nicotine addictions can feature powerful cravings that many people find hard to ignore. However, when considering the ill effects that nicotine has on one’s health, many people try to get over their addictions in hopes of living a healthier and less dependent life.

For those looking to get rid of pesky nicotine addiction, you need to plan how to deal with your cravings and then follow it vigilantly. Using nicotine patches or even practicing various relaxation techniques can be good ways to support you in your desire to get over your nicotine addiction.

Story by Alex Hamilton 

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