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The cryptocurrency market traded sideways for the larger part of 2022, causing many traders to realize the need for assistance navigating the space. It’s no longer enough to have rudimentary skills; if a trader wants to earn profits, they need something to help them navigate the market and execute their trades. For most traders, this navigation comes from crypto trading platforms. These services focus on providing traders with a much-needed edge, allowing them to trade more conveniently and offering the tools they would need to improve their overall accuracy.

BitVestment is positioning itself to do just that. Following some positive feedback, Bitvestment is gaining widespread attention from the trading community. However, is BitVestment legit, or should traders be wary of it? Prospective users will find the information they need to use the platform effectively in this BitVestment review.

BitVestment Summary

Before moving on to the review, it is essential to have a proper understanding of some key aspects of the BitVestment platform. The most important features are detailed in the table that follows:

Product Type Cryptocurrency Trading Platform
Mobile App? Yes (unverified)
Trading Commissions? None
Claimed Success Rate Unstated
Multi-Currency Support? Yes
Fees None

Invest responsibly. Your capital is at risk.

What Is BitVestment?

BitVestment Logo

BitVestment is an automated platform for trading cryptocurrencies. Like many others in its field, the platform focuses on assisting investors in profiting from the short-term price swings of digital assets. The primary objective of BitVestment is to help relieve some of the stress of extensive research on traders. With cryptocurrency prices being incredibly volatile, analysis can indeed be arduous – especially for beginner traders who might not necessarily have experience or understand how the market works.

With BitVestment, traders have a tool that helps fast-track this and executes trades based on the insights gotten. Thus, they have an opportunity to remain profitable – even if they’re not available to place trade orders.

BitVestment Review

The platform’s developers claim that they created the best platform for traders looking to enter the market, regardless of their level of experience. And because BitVestment has a user-friendly interface, several online BitVestment reviews have alluded to its suitability for even traders looking to learn how to get started as a cryptocurrency trader.

There is currently no information available about BitVestment’s developers or their identities. Of course, anonymous developers are not a new phenomenon in the crypto market, so prospective investors should not be so concerned.

Is BitVestment a scam? This is a difficult answer to provide. Although several online reviews have alluded to the platform’s reliability and efficiency, our BitVestment review could not verify several of the claims made by the platform’s developers. Check out our 7 Tesler review to compare a similar platform.

How Does BitVestment Work?

BitVestment, like many other crypto trading platforms of its calibre, focuses on assisting traders in gaining an advantage when trading. The tool’s developers have stated that they hope to help traders relieve stress. They claim that BitVesment accomplishes this by analysing market trends and understanding investor sentiment about specific coins using its powerful artificial intelligence and high-frequency trading system.

BitVestment Review

BitVestment focuses on finding the best times to enter and exit trades after parsing the market. As a result, even inexperienced traders can use the platform to speculate on coin prices. However, for the purpose of certainty, traders are advised to learn the market dynamics so they can run a BitVestment test and check out the accuracy of the tool’s trading recommendations.

BitVestment trades cryptocurrency contracts for difference (CFDs), which are derivatives that allow investors to buy and sell coins at a specific price and time in the future. CFDs are highly risky derivatives, so traders using BitVestment should trade within the appropriate risk parameters.

MetaTrader4 (MT4), a popular trading interface that provides access to high-quality research tools and indicators, is compatible with the BitVestment platform. The tool’s developers claim that it can process transactions quickly and effectively, allowing it to outperform market volatility.

Finally, BitVestment collaborates with brokers to handle tasks such as order processing and trade management. However, no information is available about these brokers or their regulatory status.

BitVestment Key Features

Traders should consider some of the platform’s most important features to comprehend how BitVestment operates:

Versatile Trading

BitVestment provides manual and automated trading services. Manual trading is ideal for experienced traders who want more control over their trading parameters, whereas automated trading is best for beginners with little market knowledge.

As a result, BitVestment is suitable for all traders, whether novice or expert.

User-Friendly Platform

Another notable feature is BitVestment’s user-friendly platform. Many BitVestment reviews highlight this ease of use as one of the platform’s most significant advantages.

BitVestment Review

Its developers claim it works just as well for novice traders as experienced traders.

Demo Account

A demo account is required for any notable automated trading platform. Using it, traders can run a BitVestment test to ensure that the platform is functioning properly. Beginners can practice using the platform, while experienced traders can test their trading strategies.

Quick Signup

Users can get started with BitVestment in minutes. All a trader has to do is sign up, and they are ready to go. The platform’s developers promise that BitVestment is open to everyone, regardless of location, because it does not require lengthy anti-money laundering (AML) or know-your-customer (KYC) checks.

Fast Withdrawals

This platform’s speed isn’t limited to its signup process. BitVestment also enables users to transfer funds quickly. The website communicates that traders can withdraw funds in less than 24 hours.

BitVestment Pros & Cons

Traders can get a better understanding of this BitVestment review by looking at where it shines and where it could do more work:


  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Support for multiple coins
  • Clear and straightforward fee structure
  • Quick account opening process
  • Fast withdrawal timeline


  • No BitVestment app available
  • Unregulated trading platform

Invest responsibly. Your capital is at risk.

BitVestment Fees

BitVestment has a straightforward fee structure, and this is one of its biggest benefits. Fees are outlined below:

Transaction Fees None
Trading Commissions None
Account Maintenance Fees None
Hidden Charges None

According to the table, BitVestment does not charge any fees for registration or operation. Traders also keep all of their profits because the platform does not charge trade commissions.

Traders should be aware, however, that BitVestment’s brokers may charge a fee for their services. The platform provides no information about the fee structures of these brokers.

BitVestment Minimum Deposit

BitVestment, unlike many other automated trading software, does not require a minimum deposit. This means that traders can begin with whatever capital they have. This is another advantage that BitVestment may have over other trading tools. Read our BitProfit review to compare this feature and others with a similar trading platform.

For most crypto trading platforms, minimum deposits are set at $250. These minimum deposits usually cover access to both the demo and live accounts, although a lot of traders have reservations about this because $250 isn’t a small amount of money. By eliminating minimum deposits, BitVestment allows traders to minimise risk and trade with small amounts – especially when carrying out tests.

For safety, traders are advised to begin with small sums while ascertaining the platform’s accuracy. Afterwards, they can attempt larger trades.

Celebrity Endorsements & Partnerships

There has been no mention of celebrity endorsements or partnerships on the BitVestment platform. While many crypto platforms rely on these as part of their marketing strategies, the website makes no such claims.

As a result, any discussion of celebrity endorsements and BitVestment should be regarded as false.

Is BitVestment a Scam?

Users would like an answer to the big question: “Is BitVestment a scam?”.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution here. BitVestment promises traders many advantages, including zero fees and an easy-to-use interface. Furthermore, there are several positive BitVestment reviews online that attest to its effectiveness.

Nonetheless, many of the website’s claims remain unsubstantiated. Some traders may be discouraged by the developers’ anonymity, which will displease them because there isn’t much accountability.

Traders are advised to use extreme caution when dealing with BitVestment. This is especially easy since the platform doesn’t have minimum deposit requirements. A trader can easily sign up, deposit a small amount of money, and carry out the test to see how well BitVestment works.

How to Use BitVestment

Traders looking to get started with this automated trading software can do so by following these steps:

Step 1: Sign Up

Go to the BitVestment official website to get started. Traders would need to provide their full name, phone number, and email address.

BitVestment Sign Up

Once this is done, the platform will connect the trader with a broker in their region. Then, they can access their account.

Step 2: Deposit Funds

Deposits on BitVestment can be made via bank transfers, cards, and direct crypto deposits. Since the platform doesn’t have any minimum deposit, traders can get started with however much they’d like. Once again, traders are advised to begin with small sums of money in their BitVestment account. After verifying the platform’s reliability, investors can increase capital for more profitability.

Step 3: Demo Account

The demo account isn’t a necessity. However, many BitVestment reviews recommend it.

With demo access, beginners can run a BitVestment test to understand how the platform works. Experienced traders can also refine their trading strategies and prepare them for live trading. BitVestment’s demo account provides a proper simulation of its trading environment. Mastering it will increase a trader’s chances of using the tool correctly once they switch to live trading.

Step 4: Live Trading

After getting through the demo account, a trader is ready to trade the real market. Traders are advised to be careful – considering the market’s volatility.

The Verdict

BitVestment presents cryptocurrency traders with an intriguing opportunity to earn profits. Considering that many traders are looking for a competitive advantage, this tool may be what they require. A number of reviews have mentioned the effectiveness and dependability of BitVestment.

However, is BitVestment a scam? In spite of the many reviews, this tool makes several unsubstantiated claims, some of which may displease users. Therefore, we advise investors to proceed with extreme caution when using BitVestment.

BitVestment Logo

Invest responsibly. Your capital is at risk.


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