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Bitcoin Motion Bitcoin trading is becoming even more popular amongst investors. However, traders have to deal with the volatility of these digital assets.

Auto trading platforms like Bitcoin Motion are becoming increasingly popular to maximise returns while mitigating risks. They automate the entire buying and trading process by using powerful AI software. Is Bitcoin Motion genuine though?

This Bitcoin Motion review will examine the platform and its legitimacy.

Bitcoin Motion Overview

Provided below is an overview of the Bitcoin Motion platform:

Type Crypto Trading Platform
Minimum Deposit $250
Leveraged Trading Yes
Withdrawal Timeline Within 24 hours
Mobile App Partner-based
Supported Assets BTC and others
Claimed Success Rate 85%
Commission 0%

Invest responsibly. Your capital is at risk.

What is Bitcoin Motion?

Technology has become vital in making smart investment decisions in the last couple of years. Top-ranking investment firms and companies are turning to sophisticated software like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to automate their investment process and provide guaranteed success in their trades.

Essentially, this is what the Bitcoin Motion platform aims to be – often referred to as a robo advisor.

The Bitcoin Motion software employs computerised programs that allow for the seamless trading of the cryptos with the most potential. Bitcoin Motion uses AI, which consists of mathematical algorithms that take over the trading of digital assets. It is automated and does not require human intervention to lock in and execute profitable trading opportunities.

Bitcoin Motion’s hands-off approach makes it ideal for beginners without technical knowledge about cryptocurrencies or crypto trading. This opens up the financial world to anyone without considering their skills. Advanced traders can also use the software to automate their trading process and have more time to attend to other activities.

On its website, the Bitcoin Motion team claims that its software also connects traders to brokers based on their region of residence. These brokers are often tasked with carrying out the trading orders identified by the software. However, we could not verify any of those brokers as they were not listed on the platform.

Additionally, Bitcoin Motion claims its AI solution can generate over 80% profit due to its high precision techniques. This is largely unfounded as we could not find any information to corroborate the claims. We recommend users only invest funds they can afford to lose as crypto trading is a risky venture.

Bitcoin Motion offers leveraged trading for investors, allowing them to generate more returns than opening a regular buy or sell position. The platform claims that users can access a mobile trading app on its partner platform, enabling them to invest on the go.

However, a $250 minimum deposit canopy to access the platform aligns with the auto-trading industry’s permissible framework. There are no stated fees for deposits and withdrawals, and profit-taking requests are said to be concluded within a 24-hour window.

How Does Bitcoin Motion Work?

Like other software in its industry, Bitcoin Motion essentially operates as an advisory system for investors. By this, we mean that it identifies a profitable idea and executes it when the user gives the go-ahead.

Bitcoin Motion was created to mitigate losses and increase profits from trading cryptocurrencies. To do this, Bitcoin Motion uses AI and ML algorithms that consider an asset’s technical and fundamental performances over time. The algorithm does all these behind-the-scenes. Investors are only able to view the trading ideas once they are identified. Bitcoin Motion then forwards these solutions to crypto exchanges who execute the process. To ensure nothing goes wrong, Bitcoin Motion monitors the entire trading process. The profit is eventually deposited into the user’s trading account.

Bitcoin Motion enables crypto CFD trading, which means users do not hold Bitcoin in their trading accounts. A CFD stands for contract for difference. It allows investors to predict the price movement of an asset without holding it in their wallets. This derivative financial instrument is a common system used by those who want to trade an asset’s price changes without worrying about storing it.

Also, Bitcoin Motion working with a third-party trading platform shows that it does not execute the trades. Instead, it provides insights that the investor can use to make a profit from the platform. Hence, users would need to open another account with any of the brokers in their region of residence to unlock the full potential of the crypto trading software.

The team behind the Bitcoin Motion project is unknown. While this is not uncommon in the crypto space, investors should be careful interacting with the platform.

Pros and Cons of Bitcoin Motion

Bitcoin Motion brings users a new level of trading experience. With this software, investors can automate their Bitcoin trading process. While auto-trading platforms are seeing increasing adoption, aspects of the industry are still under scrutiny. Below, we highlight the pros and cons of the Bitcoin Motion platform.

  • Withdrawal within 24 hours
  • Leveraged trading
  • Automated trading process
  • Zero experience needed
  • Reasonable minimum deposit
  • Zero deposit and withdrawal fees
  • Works with partner brokers
  • High trading accuracy.
  • Zero commissions
  • Demo trade functionality


  • Unverified success rate of 85%
  • Anonymous team
  • Offers only crypto CFDs

Invest responsibly. Your capital is at risk.

Bitcoin Motion Key Features

The Bitcoin Motion software has several impressive features that have attracted investors to the platform. However, we will be covering five of the top features of the Bitcoin trading robot.

Demo Trading Functionality

Bitcoin Motion provided a demo trading functionality to understand the knowledge gap between mainstream investors and crypto enthusiasts. This feature comes with virtual funds and tracks the crypto market in real-time, similar to the live trading functionality. This enables users to check out all the tools on offer on the platform while also allowing them to compare the trading results against real-time data.


The underlying feature surrounding Bitcoin Motion is its reliance on AI and other complex algorithms. This next-generation software allows the platform to be way ahead of the crypto market and identify profitable trades with little to no issues.

Using the AI feature also has the ripple effect of cutting down on investors’ losses as the platform has a claimed profit closing rate of 85% with a 15% chance of loss.

Automates Trading Process

AI is a subset of deep learning (DL) in computer software engineering that allows machines to make decisions and take actions. Using this powerful tool in financial investment shows the industry’s new direction. AI automates processes, which means investors need to take minimal steps to get returns on their investments.


Anyone can use Bitcoin Motion, regardless of their technical or industrial experience. The software is beginner-friendly. Investors just getting started in the cryptocurrency market can use the software. It focuses on ensuring that investors can easily generate returns on investment with minimal effort. The software is customisable for advanced traders who prefer to be involved in the process as the platform allows users to adjust their risk preferences.

Zero Platform Fees

In our Bitcoin Motion review, we discovered that the platform is essentially fee-less: no registration or account maintenance fees, zero deposit and withdrawal charges, and no commission investors have to pay. This allows investors to keep 100% of their profits.

Bitcoin Motion Fees

As with any business, there are fees investors have to pay to use the crypto trading software. However, users need not worry about excessive charges. The Bitcoin Motion platform is essentially free minus the minimum deposit.

Below, we summarise the fees investors need to consider before using the platform.

Minimum Deposit $250
Commission None
Registration Fee None
Account Maintenance Fees None
Withdrawal Fee None

Is Bitcoin Motion a Scam?

Investors often ask, is Bitcoin Motion a scam? We could not verify the legitimacy of the Bitcoin Motion platform. However, the platform claims it works with brokers in several regions.

The service is essentially free, except for the $250 minimum requirement. But investors keen on knowing the faces behind the project cannot because the developers and Bitcoin Motion team are all anonymous. There is little to no detail on the development team of the crypto trading software.

This is not an uncommon occurence in the crypto space as there are several top-ranking companies without a centralised development team behind them. Quantum AI is a similar crypto trading bot program with unknown founders.

Meanwhile, we still recommend users interact cautiously with the platform and only invest funds they can afford to lose in a downtrend.

Bitcoin Motion Customer Support

Bitcoin Motion claims to have 24/7 ongoing support for all users who sign up on the platform. There is no stated channel for users to reach the support team, but the platform claims that a personal account manager is attached to every user once they register their account.

Bitcoin Motion Minimum Deposit

Like other crypto trading robots, the minimum investment for using the Bitcoin Motion platform is pegged at $250. That’s similar to other crypto trading bots such as Bitcoin 360 Ai which is another algorithmic trading platform.

There is no ceiling on deposits, so investors can invest as much as they’d like. However, we recommend that users only invest the minimum because crypto trading is a highly risky venture.

How to Use Bitcoin Motion

Planning to get started on Bitcoin Motion? Follow these detailed steps to get started in as little as 10 minutes:

Create an Account

The sign-up process on Bitcoin Motion is quick and seamless. All new users need to do is visit the Bitcoin Motion website and register for a new individual account. Provide their full name, mobile number, and valid email address. After these details are inserted, tap on the ‘Register’ button to proceed to the next stage.

Deposit Funds

As we pointed out earlier, Bitcoin Motion has a minimum deposit requirement of $250. Investors can make this minimum deposit using their bank account, debit, or credit card. To do this, tap the ‘Deposit’ button and select a preferred deposit method. Insert the stated minimum and tap on ‘Confirm’ to complete the process. There are no fees attached to deposits.

Demo Trade

Before going live, Bitcoin Motion has a series of short tutorial videos and simulators for new users to try their hands on. This is found in the demo trading feature. The demo trading feature allows users to trade with virtual funds and learn about the platform’s workings. New users can change the settings section to see how the software reacts to real-time market updates.

Live Trading

Once the demo trading phase is over, the user can go live by visiting their profile page. This will allow users to use their real cash deposits to isolate trading ideas and profit off them. Users can still set their risk parameters and make other customised settings to keep tabs on the platform’s performance.

The Verdict

Bitcoin Motion claims to be one of the top AI-powered crypto trading software tools in the emerging industry, with an 85% stated success rate. That winrate is not verified however – investors are still advised to use the software cautiously to reduce the likelihood of losing their funds in the event of a wrong trading call.

Invest responsibly. Your capital is at risk.


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