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The trading of cryptocurrencies is gaining popularity among investors. However, traders must account for the volatility of these digital assets. Platforms such as 7 Tesler are growing in popularity to maximise earnings while reducing risks. Using strong artificial intelligence (AI) software, they automate the entire buying and selling process to make it easier for investors to earn a profit on the market.

In this review, prospective traders can evaluate the platform’s nature and determine if it is legitimate.

7 Tesler Overview

Here are the key details of the 7 Tesler crypto trading platform:

Type Crypto Trading Platform
Minimum Deposit $250
Leveraged Trading Yes
Withdrawal Timeline Within 24 hours
Mobile App Yes
Supported Assets BTC and other cryptos
Commission 0%
Claimed Success Rate 88%

Invest responsibly. Your capital is at risk.

What Is 7 Tesler? 7 Tesler Logo

7 Tesler is a cryptocurrency trading platform that was created with the sole purpose of helping investors in the cryptocurrency market navigate the space easily and earn returns. The platform was built to ensure a seamless trading experience for crypto traders.

Its developers claim that it can help anyone earn up to $327 per hour, depending on their capital, and refer to its profitability as the ‘7 Tesler Trading strategy’.

7 Tesler’s developers assert that their primary goal is to provide a way for beginners to earn profits from the market even though they might not know all about cryptocurrency and the crypto trading market. As a result, they built a platform that provides round-the-clock access to the market as well as an opportunity for anyone to earn returns by bidding and trading on the prices of cryptocurrencies.

7 Tesler

Note – this winrate seems unsustainable and more of a marketing strategy

According to the 7 Tesler website, 7 Tesler was created by an anonymous team of senior programmers with over ten years of experience in the financial markets. Using their wealth of experience and skills, they created a trading tool that works using high-quality algorithms, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to parse the market and search for the right trading opportunities.

However, there is no information about these developers or their identities online. While many products in the crypto market were undoubtedly created by anonymous developers, this appears to be a red flag for some investors. Hence, traders are advised to approach 7 Tesler with caution.

How Does 7 Tesler Work?

7 Tesler works like many other automated crypto trading platforms in the market, or ‘robo advisors’.

Automated trading software is one of the strategies used by pro players in the crypto market such as quants and hedge funds. According to 7 Tesler’s developers, the tool uses an advanced algorithm to understand the market’s trends and move along with the prices of coins. Thanks to artificial intelligence and machine learning, the tool helps traders to identify the right prices to enter and exit the market. And as such, it optimises profitability for traders.

The tool’s developers have claimed it can deliver up to $5,000 in profits daily. And they’ve touted the platform’s ability to help both beginners and experts looking to trade and earn from the market. With support for manual and automated trading, 7 Tesler is purportedly available for beginners and advanced traders.

7 Tesler

As soon as 7 Tesler identifies a winning trade, the system alerts the trader and places the trade on their behalf. The trading platform also monitors the trade’s progress and exits it once its target price has been reached. And immediately, traders can access their funds – which they can withdraw into their bank accounts or reinsert into the trading system for more profits.

Note that none of these claims has been verified thus far. 7 Tesler is still an unverified crypto trading tool, so traders who choose to try it out have no other option but to take the tool’s developers at their word. However, this crypto software might not be good enough for a trader looking for a verified trading tool.

Pros & Cons of 7 Tesler

For a quick look into the advantages and disadvantages of 7 Tesler, consider the following highlights of the platform:

  • Multi-currency support
  • Impressive claimed success rate
  • Quick withdrawals
  • Beginner-friendly tool


  • Unregulated trading tool
  • Anonymous developers

Invest responsibly. Your capital is at risk.

7 Tesler Key Features

So far, 7 Tesler has gotten several impressive accolades for its functionality. Below is a breakdown of the tool’s features and what it offers users:

Multi-Currency Support

Although several cryptocurrency traders prefer to trade Bitcoin (BTC), a growing number of investors are seeking to diversify their portfolios. 7 Tesler’s developers understand this, and they have provided a tool that allows investors to trade cryptos with the most potential – including Ether (ETH), XRP (XRP), and Litecoin (LTC).

Versatile Trading

7 Tesler’s developers have claimed that the tool allows traders to speculate on cryptocurrency prices regardless of their experience level. It does this by offering both manual and automated trading. So while beginners can enjoy full automation, experienced traders looking to set their trading parameters can also do so.

Demo Account

A demo account is a critical feature for all crypto trading tools, and 7 Tesler provides a demo account for every trader to use. With this feature, beginners can understand how the tool works, while advanced traders can test out trading strategies before deploying them on the open market. It also improves investors’ knowledge of how to invest in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

Quick Transactions

Another impressive feature of the bot is its ability to ensure quick and seamless transactions. According to 7 Tesler’s website, the tool allows users to deposit and withdraw money in under 24 hours. This puts it in a competitive space where several of the top trading tools reside.

Seamless Trading

The 7 Tesler trading interface also has some impressive offerings. Using artificial intelligence and machine learning, 7 Tesler purportedly provides a base for traders to earn returns on 88% of their trades.

7 Tesler Fees

Traders looking to use 7 Tesler also need to be aware of the charges attached to the automated crypto trading software. This is essential as crypto trading platforms tend to charge fees for their services.

Below is a breakdown of the fees charged by 7 Tesler:

Account Opening Fees None
Maintenance Fees None
Trading Commissions None
Trading Fees None

The table above shows that 7 Tesler is entirely free to use. The tool doesn’t charge any fee for opening or maintaining accounts, and all profits made by 7 Tesler are available to traders whenever they would like to withdraw.

Is 7 Tesler a Scam?

With everything that’s been said, is 7 Tesler a scam?

As the 7 Tesler website indicates, several traders are currently using the tool and earning returns from their activities. These traders would attest to the platform’s legitimacy.

7 Tesler

And considering its claimed offerings, it is understandable that 7 Tesler attracts many prospective users. It is easy to use and quick – two essential features when looking for a platform to trade with.

However, the 7 Tesler is also quite dodgy. The tool’s developers are anonymous, so it is impossible to know who they are or hold them to account if the software doesn’t function as promised. This is why traders are advised to be cautious when approaching a platform like this.

Care should also be taken as the market is also very volatile. Responsible trading can’t be overstated, and the use of trading platforms should always be met with caution by traders.

7 Tesler Customer Support

Customer support has become a crucial part of any trading tool. Every trader will feel more comfortable knowing that there is help available to them whenever they have any operational issues to deal with.

According to 7 Tesler’s developers, the software comes with a fully staffed customer support team that is always on standby to help traders. However, not much information is given about the channels through which they can be reached or how long they will take to respond to customers. Once again, traders are advised to use the tool with caution.

7 Tesler Minimum Deposit

As explained earlier, 7 Tesler doesn’t charge any fees or commissions for its service. However, customers will need to deposit at least $250 before they can use the software as with other proprietary crypto robots such as Bitcoin Profit.

7 Tesler accepts deposits through different channels, including credit cards, bank transfers, and e-wallets. So investors can make the minimum deposit to be granted access.

We recommend that traders start with the minimum deposit amount when using 7 Tesler. This ensures that they can cap their losses and test the trading tool first before moving ahead to place bigger bets.

How to Use 7 Tesler

Traders who have read this 7 Tesler review and would like to make use of the platform can get started by following the steps outlined below:

Sign Up

To sign up on 7 Tesler, a trader must visit the 7 Tesler platform’s website and enter their details in the registration box close to the top of the home page. New users can enter their names, email addresses, and phone numbers. Once confirmed, click on “Register Now” to create an account.

7 Tesler Sign Up

7 Tesler will redirect the trader to a broker in their region. The process shouldn’t take more than a few minutes, after which the trader can access their account.

Deposit Funds

As previously explained, 7 Tesler allows users to deposit using e-wallets, wire transfers, and cards. The platform has a minimum deposit of $250; traders are advised to start with that.

Demo Trading

While the demo trading interface isn’t necessary, it is a recommendation regardless. Demo trading allows users to get more familiar with 7 Tesler’s interface, and experienced traders can evaluate how it works and whether they can use it properly.

Live Trading

Once a trader is satisfied with the demo mode on 7 Tesler, they can activate the live trading feature and begin. This is done by toggling between the demo and live trading modes on the tool’s dashboard.

The Verdict

Working with a reliable crypto trading platform can go a long way in helping any trader to optimise their profitability and earn even more profits. With more traders entering the market, there has also been an influx of trading tools dedicated to helping them.

7 Tesler is one of the new crypto trading platforms generating a lot of buzz in the market. The tool has gotten high praise for its ease of use and ability to support multiple assets. However, some traders remain sceptical with many unverified claims on its platform and its unidentified developers and users.

For safety reasons, traders are advised to trade carefully with 7 Tesler. Also, remember to protect positions and trade within the right risk parameters.

7 Tesler Logo

Invest responsibly. Your capital is at risk.


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