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Crewe hero dog chosen by Milk-Bone as a Dog Who Changed the World

braelinBraelin, a Goldendoodle, has given one Crewe resident a priceless gift: independence. Patty Ring has difficulty walking and balancing, so before her “guardian angel” Braelin came into her life, she seldom went out unaccompanied. But now, Patty doesn’t have to worry about falling over a sidewalk curb or wearing out her muscles doing everyday tasks.

Braelin’s resourcefulness is no accident.  She is a “top-dog” graduate of the Canine Assistants school, which trains high-functioning service dogs to be the Michael Jordans and Mother Teresas of the canine world.

Braelin’s unique skills include:

  • Retrieving items, from large containers to paperclips
  • Helping Patty balance while walking
  • Alerting family members if Patty falls

Braelin was one of nine dogs chosen by Milk-Bone brand dog treats after a nationwide search to uncover the four-legged heroes who enrich the lives of people with illnesses or special needs.


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